We know we haven’t even hit Thanksgiving yet, but holiday commercials are all over TV. Kids are making their ever-growing wish lists. And stores are decked to the nines in snowflakes and fake evergreen trees. There’s no better way to make the wait a little more fun than with an advent calendar. Here are 30 DIY ways to make your very own.

1. Newspaper Wrapping: Chocolate bars wrapped in newspaper and washi tape? Yeah, we’d be into that. (via Casa di Falcone)

2. Envelopes: Envelopes make an easy package for a small treat or a slip of paper. Just don’t forget to number them. (via Houzz)

3. Christmas Forest: While we do love the holidays, we think we love them even more when they involve printables like this adorable forest. (via A Lovely Lark)

4. Personal Advent: Sometimes, squabbling kids can take the joy out of a family tradition. Give them their own jars full of advent treats to minimize the fuss. (via This Little Street)

5. Rudolph on Parade: Any animal can be Rudolph with a touch of paint and a little red pom-pom nose. (via A Bubbly Life)

6. Giant Tree Calendar: Nervous about putting up a tree in your small apartment? Hang up a cloth one that can double as an advent calendar. (via Oh Happy Day)

7. Neon Village: This neon city, dubbed Christmas Street, is totally cute enough to go in our office. (via Mr. Printables)

8. Wooden Mini Tree: Add a new mini ornament to this tree every day until Christmas for a less-candy-filled take on the old calendar. (via Acute Designs)

9. Chocolate Box: On the other hand… a little bit of chocolate every day until Christmas sounds pretty good to us. (via Next to Nicx)

10. Toilet Paper Roll Calendar: This cozy calendar totally reminds us of a little log cabin. Just where you want to be on Xmas morn, right? (via Morning Creativity)

11. Scrapbook Paper Envelopes: These colorful envelopes are perfect for hiding little presents and for making one hip holiday display in your hallway. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Robot Calendar: Make the geeks in your life happy with these little robots. (via Next to Nicx)

13. Advent in a Jar: Attach colorful pom poms to holiday activities written on paper. When you take them out, string them one by one onto a garland for your tree. (via Poppytalk)

14. Boxes Calendar: Print these patterned boxes in any color that suits you and be ready for holiday surprises. (via Hey Look)

15. Felt Advent Calendar: Hang these little felted pockets from a branch for a little seasonal wall art. (via The Sweet Escape)

16. Wooden Ornaments: These numbered log ornaments create a more grown-up advent calendar. Mix them with your family tree or give them a tree of their own. (via Spalvotas Dryzuotas)

17. Scratch Off Advent: Use this tutorial to make your very own scratch-off cards and every day will be like winning the lottery… of chocolate. (via Rae Ann Kelly)

18. Hanging Chalkboard Calendar: Forget the mistletoe. (via Hank and Hunt)

19. Numbered Village Calendar: These little boxes are a perfect way to dress up your mantle. Though you may have to count them daily to be sure none go missing… not that we would do anything like that. (via Swoon Studio)

20. Paper Calendar: Are you a bit short on time? Cut out squares of wrapping paper, number them, write some holiday activities on the blank side and tape them to the wall. Boom. Done. (via Whimsy Darling)

21. A Bucket Tree: You can easily expand the 12 days of Christmas to 25 with this bucketful tree. Those shiny pails are perfect for treats and presents. (via Sugar and Charm)

22. Take-Out Box Calendar: This super simple advent calender only requires mini take-out boxes and number stickers. You got this. (via Studio DIY)

23. Modern Advent Calendar: Going sparkly white monochromatic with your holiday decor this year? This modern tree will fit right in. (via Weekday Carnival)

24. Mini Tree Calendar: The only thing this mini pine forest is missing is a frost of snow. (via Oh Happy Day)

25. Pantone Advent Calendar: Want all the treats with none of the work? This technicolor calendar takes no more than five minutes to make. (via Brit + Co)

26. Hanging Boxes Calendar: You just know there’s going to be something good in there when the boxes are this big. (via Welcome Zu)

27. Printable Forest Calendar: Hold on one minute. A printable forest? In bright colors and patterns? We’re so in. (via Love From Ginger)

28. Matchbox Calendar: Start collecting your matchboxes now, because you’re going to need them to construct this lovely advent calendar. (via The Merry Thought)

29. Clothespin Advent Tree: Here is the perfect excuse to buy more washi tape. (via Ann Meer Design)

30. Geometric Calendar: It’s a geometric advent calender, you guys. Geometric. (via Cherry Blossom Blog)

Would you buy or DIY your advent calendar? Tell us below!