Are you in a rut trying to figure out a cute, inexpensive Galentine鈥檚 Day or DIY Valentine鈥檚 gift idea? Well, we鈥檝e got the perfect solution for you. These gemstone bobby pins are so easy to make that you have no excuse 鈥 this year鈥檚 gift will be handmade! Whether or not you have a boo, this is a day to celebrate love. So drink some wine, watch a romantic聽movie on Netflix, give special presents to your besties and use Feb 14 as the perfect excuse to experiment with new Valentine鈥檚 Day hairstyles. Below we鈥檝e got a bobby pin tutorial paired with an updo lesson. Check them out and get making!


Materials and Tools:

鈥 bobby pins

鈥 gemstones

鈥 glue gun and glue sticks

鈥 card stock

鈥 X-ACTO knife or box cutter

鈥 watercolor

鈥 brushes

Final Bobby Pins (1)


Step Bobby Pins (1)

1. Protect your surface by pinning the bobby pins to a plastic sheet.

2. Use the glue gun to glue the gemstones in place, then let them completely cool down.

3. Grab a piece of card stock. Paint with your fave watercolor as shown below.

4. Before the color dries, use a clean brush to blend it.

5. Once the color is dry, add a simple quote. You can print, stamp or simply write your greeting on the top.

6. Cut your card stock into pieces the size of business cards and add a hole to poke the bobby pin through.

Final Bobby Pins Collage 1-01

First off, protect your surface and pin the bobby pins onto a plastic sheet. This step will help you when gluing the top part of the bobby pin. Next, use the glue gun to glue the gemstones in place and let them completely cool down.

step 2

At this point it鈥檚 time to create some display cards. Take a piece of card stock and start painting with your fave color. Then grab a clean brush and use it to blend the color by adding water and brushing up the card. Let everything completely dry, then add your message. Something simple like 鈥淗appy V-Day鈥 or 鈥淵ou鈥檙e a Gem鈥 will work great. I personally decided to print the quote with my printer, but you can definitely stamp it or simply write it with a pen! Next, cut your card as shown above, add a tiny hole and poke the bobby pins through. You鈥檙e done!

Final Bobby Pins (3)
Final Bobby Pins (5)


Now that you鈥檝e got some brand new bobby pins, give them to your besties as a sweet V-Day present or use them to complement a chic yet easy updo. Just grab a clear hair tie and other basic hair accessories and scroll on to see the tutorial.

Final Updo (3)


Step Updo (1)

If you鈥檙e working with second-day hair, use dry shampoo to refresh your mane while adding a bit of volume. We love Drybar鈥檚 TripleSec 3-in-1 ($26), which is a volumizer, texturizer and dry shampoo in one.


Step Updo (2)
Step Updo (3)

Add a deep side part to your hair with a fine tooth comb, then create a sleek, low ponytail.


Final Collage (1)

Poke your fingers through the hair to create a 鈥減ocket鈥 of space. Keeping the 鈥減ocket鈥 open with your fingers, flip the ponytail up and through it.

Final Collage (2)

Flip the ponytail through the 鈥減ocket鈥 once again, then roll the ponytail into the 鈥減ocket鈥 you made. Bobby pin it in place and you鈥檙e done with the hairstyle.

Final Updo (1)

Is there a more romantic hairdo than a low chignon?


Final Collage (3)

Add a tiny bit of hairspray if you want, then complete with the gemstone bobby pins that you鈥檝e just created. Voil脿, you鈥檙e good to go!

Final Updo (2)

Have you already decided how you鈥檙e wearing your hair on V-Day? If not, be sure to follow us on Pinterest to find more hairstyle inspiration.