When you’re bored of the same old look but not quite ready to make major changes, hair accessories are the way to go. From these cool bobby pins to this turban headband you can actually make in less than 15 minutes, hair accessories save the day with their versatile applications, adding a little edge to your favorite style essentials for fall. So with this in mind, we decided to embrace this season’s trend and DIY a minimal metallic bun cuff. It’s so cute and easy to make, you might wind up making a bunch for your entire squad!


Materials and Tools:

  • old cuff
  • hair tie
  • glue gun
  • glue sticks


1. Clean the inside of your cuff, then glue the hair tie to the center.

2. Let the glue completely dry.

3. Put your hair in a high bun or half bun and add your cuff. That’s it!


Bun cuffs are popping up everywhere, and they’re so easy to make. The hardest part? Deciding which cuff to use :) First, take an old cuff or pick a new, inexpensive one, and be sure that the inside is clean. Then glue the hair tie to the center.


I used a total of three drops of hot glue and then let the glue completely dry.


Lastly, create your bun or half bun and add your brand new cuff. That’s it!


Can’t wait to wear it with different outfits and see the difference this little baby can make to any look!


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