This happened :) Miss Brie dressed up as herself for Halloween. This costume was actually made by Brie鈥檚 Grandma, Rosa Vazquez, last year for Halloween. We loved it so much that we had to bring it to the office for a pet Halloween costume photo shoot. Rosa 鈥 we love your creative process and DIY skills. One million cheesy hugs and kisses to you!



鈥 cardboard

鈥 doily + colored paper

鈥 fake grapes

鈥 cracker

鈥 circular piece of foam

鈥 white textured ribbon

鈥 elastic or One-Wrap Velcro


鈥 pencil

鈥 X-ACTO knife

鈥 hot glue gun


1. Cut out a cardboard circle and adhere your colored paper and doily with hot glue.

2. Cut out a 鈥渃heese鈥 slice from your foam or styrofoam 鈥渃heese wheel鈥 and then add your white patterned ribbon with glue.

3. Glue your cheese, fake grapes and crackers onto your board to create your cheese plate.


Using a circular piece of foam (or styrofoam) is a great idea to replicate a wheel of cheese. Cut out a wedge to show that it鈥檚 been munched on and enjoyed. Hot glue it onto a cardboard circle covered with a doily and adorned with grapes and crackers.


Attach elastic strips, or One-Wrap Velcro, to your cheese plate to make this costume dog-wearable.


Get fancy with your cheese plate! Customize it to your pooch鈥檚 favorite cheese (cheddar?) and maybe add some fake salami to turn it into a charcuterie board.


Oh Miss Brie, you are so fancy with your bottle of red wine.


DIY Production: Rosa Vazquez
Styling: Kelly Bryden
Model: Brie (with help from Sean Griffis)
Photography: Kurt Andre

What cheese would you include on your cheese board? Share your thoughts below and don鈥檛 forget to share your pet鈥檚 halloween costume with us using the hashtag #iamcreative.