It’s so easy to lose track of your favorite bling — which can make getting ready in the morning a real drag. So why not make a modern jewelry tray to store all of your favorite rings and things in once place? The colorful geometric shapes will brighten up your dresser and keep your trinkets organized. You’ll even be able to have those special pieces on display when you’re not wearing them —some jewelry is just too pretty to keep hidden away!



— air dry clay

— acrylic paint (we used florescent pink, titanium white and pale olive)


— rolling pin

— sharp knife

— paint brush

— masking tape

— glue gun



1. Roll out half of the clay into a long oval shape, roughly 5mm thick, keeping it as even as possible.

2. Cut the shape of your tray from the rolled clay. it doesn’t need to be perfectly symmetrical! A slightly uneven shape will give your tray a more natural look.

3. Turn up the edges of the clay base very slightly to form the sides of the tray.

4. Cut the other half of the clay into several chunks. Slice into them to make your geometric shapes. Keep the bottoms flat; you’ll be gluing them to the base later.

5. Depending on the clay you’ve used, it will take up to 24 hours for your clay to dry. Once fully dry, section off areas to be painted with masking tape.

6. Now for the fun part — get painting!

7. While the paint is still tacky, peel off the tape. This will help to stop the paint from cracking, and it will also give you a clean line.

8. When the paint is dry, play around with positioning your shapes on the tray. Try mixing up the heights.

9. Glue the geometric shapes to the base, and you are ready to display your favorite bling.


We love how these spring colors look with delicate gold jewelry, but if bright pastels aren’t your thing, just switch up the paint to match your style.


Which favorite pieces would you display on your jewelry tray? Tell us in the comments below!