November 8 was National STEM Day, but we’re all about celebrating discovery and innovations all year round. Now kids can join in the fun, thanks to DIY Girls and Kit Hub. They’ve teamed up to offer a creative electronics kit to help instill a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering and math in girls everywhere. Whether you’re holiday shopping for your little one or your inner kid, the DIY Girls Creative Electronics Kit just might just make for the best holiday gift of all: knowledge.


You can think of the DIY Girls kit as a Pandora’s box, but for good. When you open it up, you’ll unearth a treasure trove of kid-friendly knickknacks, from a tutu and googly eyes to techie trinkets like sewable LEDs, a conductive thread bobbin and a hobby motor. What on earth is a girl to do with all of these Macgyver-esque gadgets? Simple. Using the instruction cards supplied, girls aged six and over can build whatever their minds’ eye can see.


Youngsters can begin with the circuit starter kit to get clued in to how basic circuitry works. Afterward, they can harness their newfound knowledge to make light-up holiday cards, notebooks and more. If a girl is more into robotics than circuitry, she can design and personalize her own motorized robot and watch it bust a move before her eyes! But let’s face it: Dancing is more fun to do than to watch. So why not help your little one create a light-up tutu and twirl the night away as she learns about e-textiles? Now that’s a bright idea.


This isn’t DIY Girls’ first foray into STEM education for girls. For the last three years, the organization has been inspiring hundreds of underserved girls in Los Angeles. Their summer camps, after-school programs and workshops have given girls the confidence they need to strengthen their technical abilities. To support DIY Girls and Kit Hub in empowering girls everywhere, head over to the order form to pre-order a kit of your own for $49. Orders begin shipping in early December.

Will you put the DIY Girls kit on your holiday shopping list? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via Kit Hub)