Got a huge crew that loves to dress up? Then it’s all about the group costume. And what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by making your costumes together? DIT is the new DIY!

These 20 DIY ideas are sure to spark some inspiration, and will definitely make you giggle. While we’re partial to Britney Spears Through the Years, the Rollercoaster definitely takes the cake.

1. Tetris: All you need is a few boxes and paint to make this costume yours. Use black duct tape for the lines and get ready to run into a lot of people.

2. Jersey Shore 50 Years from Now: Love this take on the Jersey Shore costume. What will all those crazies look like in 50 years?

3. BLT: Dress as your favorite sandwich! Could also be fun to do a Club Sandwich inspired by this.

4. Three Michael Jacksons: Michael Jackson had some serious style changes through the years. Pictured here we have Billie Jean, Thriller, and the Jackson Five. Amazing.

5. Loofahs: A pair of loofahs won our costume contest last year! This is a fun, easy, and colorful costume idea for any number of people to wear.

6. Rollercoaster: Does it get any better than this? It is TOO good! Might want to start working on this now for Halloween 2014.

7. Lego Costumes: Legos are timeless, and look really hilarious drinking in a bar.

8. Britney Spears Through the Years: It’s Britney, b*tch! But seriously, it’s Britney times eight and they did such a good job making it happen.

9. Party Down Cater Waiters: This is a great last minute costume because all you need is a pink bow tie and an apathetic attitude ;)

10. Napoleon Dynamite: Yes. Napoleon Dynamite is still relevant.

11. Oompa Loompas: These Oompa Loompas are seriously awesome. We love the variation of wigs and the perfectly timed jumping photo. (The best part is obviously the scared Oompa Loompa in the lower right.)

12. Mario Kart: Always dreamed of living in the world of Mario Kart? Make it happen with this cleverly mobile costume.

13. Angry Birds: We’re still waiting for the next Angry Birds-esque craze to hit our iPhones, but these costumes’ll fill the void in the meantime.

14. Russian Nesting Dolls: Genius! Seriously. We love this idea for friends who are all different heights!

15. Shark Week: Who doesn’t love shark week?

16. Seven Johnny Depps: Another celebrity through the ages concept, Johnny Depp certainly has a knack for playing super creepy characters.

17. Taco Bell Sauces: From fire roasted to mild to verde, this is for the true Taco Bell lovers out there.

18. Solo Cups: The best photo opp for this costume? A group of solo cups playing flip cup, duh.

19. Rock Paper Scissors: You obviously have to fight to the death at the end of the night. Too far? #dealwithit

20. Pacman and Ghosts: And last, more geekery! Pacman and a whole bunch of defeated-looking ghosts. Love it!

What’s the best group costume you’ve ever seen? If you’ve got a great group costume we should check out, be sure to share a link with us in the comments below!