The Met Gala never fails to amaze us with the wide variety of stunning fashion and accessories that we get to witness. (If only we got to play dress up in all those gorgeous gowns, amirite!) Well, we will bring you one step closer to Met Gala fashion with DIY cutouts and bedazzled hair pieces just like our girls HAIM wore. And, FYI, these hair pieces aren’t just for the Met Gala — they are great additions for prom hair, wedding hair and even 30th birthday hair.


Materials + Tools:

— variety of beaded lace + patches

— felt

— hair clips

— elastic cord

— hot glue gun

— fabric scissors



1. Create a pattern with your lace varieties and glue onto felt.

2. Cut out the shape of your hair piece following the lines of the lace.

3. Hot glue onto your hair clip or attach elastic.


We found these two beaded fleur-de-lis patches for five dollars at our local fabric store. By overlaying these pieces, we created a new shape for our headband. Glue down onto a long piece of felt, and then cut away the extra felt from the sides.


Sandwich a piece of elastic cord in between two pieces of felt and add a dab of hot glue. We doubled up the elastic cord for extra support.


If headbands aren’t for you, try creating bedazzled clips. We loved the bunting look of this beaded lace, so we glued it to a small piece of felt and trimmed to reveal the triangle shape.


Hot glue to a barette clip and you are one step closer to being more like HAIM.


It’s all about the bling, so mix and match your laces to create a brooch-inspired hair piece. Nothing is off limits when it comes to hair bling!


Below I have listed out some occasions for when you should wear hair bling — prom, wedding, 30th birthday, Met Gala — basically every day!


We suggest throwing a beaded headband into a second day hair pony to take it to that next level :)


Layer clips to create the ultimate hair bling.


We were really feeling the bride vibes with bride-to-be Paige in this photo. Red lip, subtle waves and a stunning hair brooch are a great combination for any wedding day.


And BTW — we won’t judge if you want to wear all of them at once ;)

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Brittany Griffin and Getty/Timothy A. Clark