For all those summer parties where you’ll be meeting up with friends and seeing new faces, a beer cozies with a cheeky saying will get the social ball rolling. In addition to being a conversation starter (and, you know, keeping your drink cold), this project is also impossibly simple to make. In fact, we’re sure you’ll be thinking of sassy phrases and making cozies all summer long. So start brainstorming your favorite beer-inspired catchy sayings, and get ready for your next shindig with this DIY created by the team at nousDECOR.


Materials + Tools:

– foam paper

– velcro strips

– sticker letters

– beer cozy template



1. Print and cut out the cozy template.

2. Trace the template onto one side of the foam paper, and cut out your template.

3. Place your beer onto the circle in the center of the template.

4. Lift up and wrap the rectangular side pieces around the bottle.

5. Stick one of your velcro strips onto the underside of the wrapped piece. Then line up and stick the other velcro piece on the side already wrapped around the bottle. Repeat on other side.

6. Stick your cozy together using the velcro strips.

7. Add your sticker letters to the cozy.


Using our template makes this project a breeze.


If you’re using glitter paper, use the side without the glitter to trace your template.


Depending on how thin your foam is, you should have no problem getting through it with a normal pair of scissors.


You’re already halfway there!


This template is best for bottles of beer rather than cans.


Be sure to wrap tightly before applying the strips so your beer sits comfortably in the cozy. Luckily, velcro strips are easy to reposition, so if you mess up the first time you’re okay.


We recommend embossed stickers for a more eye-catching look.


Repeat the process until all your beers are oh-so-sassy.


You’re done! We’ll drink to that :)

Will you be embarking on this DIY? Share your creations with us below or tag them on Instagram with #iamcreative.