So you’re planning a party and it has to be dope. You’ve strung a fun photo booth backdrop and set out boozy bites and other spiked sweets to keep the nibblers at bay, but what about the music? As avid dance party goers here at Brit HQ, we know that a steady flow of bumpin’ jams is what really makes the party. That said, we also know how the crowd can be silenced by the awkward crackle of the speaker cable being switched from one music device to another. Total bummer!

Enter the Djoclate II, (the “D” is silent), a portable music mixer that lets you seamlessly play music from any two music storage devices you or your buds bring to the party. This pocket-sized mixer not only makes entire music collections on computers, tablets, smart phones or MP3 players up for grabs, but also allows you to fade out like a pro at the end of each tune, resulting in a crackle-free switch from music source to music source.

Like its forerunner, the Djoclate II makes your music library near limitless by plugging in to any music player outfitted with a 3.5mm jack connection (two are included with the purchase of the product via Kickstarter for $65). Its sleek design includes the basics for connecting to and controlling your sound – two inputs and one speaker output, two full-sized faders and bass kill buttons. When you drop in the bass, you single handedly elevate the party to rager status.

The latest incarnation of the device includes new features that make the Djoclate II extra pro, like a volume-controlled headphone jack that allows you to preview the next track before you play it. This allows for greater flexibility and accuracy, including the ability to cue up a song past its meandering intro or check to make sure no unsavory lyrics are broadcast during your little cousin’s bar mitzvah. Switch between channels to get the timing just right or listen to both simultaneously – you just might come up with the next great mash up!

But the update that has us really amped is the addition of Buletooth capabilities. Equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter, the mini-mixer can connect to any Bluetooth enabled speaker or sound system. Now you can pump up the jam in surround sound anywhere you roam! We’re thinking of toting it around with our over-the-shoulder jambox or as a companion to pretty much any compatible wireless speaker. And no need worry about plugging into a an external power source or keeping your retro rad jammy pack full of backup batteries as long as you charge your Djoclate II with a mini-USB when you’re not rocking out.

Music multitaskers like us are totally down with this Kickstarter project that breaks down the barriers between devices. Now your perfect Spotify playlist, your roommate’s killer music library and your bestie’s “Hits of the 90s” iPhone compilation can blast back-to-back in perfect harmony. That’s definitely a reason to celebrate!

Would you use the Djoclate II at your next house party or happy hour? Tell us in the comments below!