From the time they’re precious puppies until their muzzles turn grey, dogs are our bestest friends in the whole wide world. We just feel such a strong connection with those furballs, and learning each other’s language is key to that friendship. Sure, you could hire a pet trainer to teach them the basics of obedience, but it’s way more fun and personal to do it yourself. Check out these video tutorials, which will take you from Dog Training 101 to… well, you’ll just have to see the last few videos to believe it! Who knows — you and Fido might become the next Internet sensation ;)

The Basics

1. Clicker Training: First things first: Both you and the dog need to learn how to use a clicker properly. It’s one of the most successful ways of reinforcing good behavior and is essential for most of the following tricks. (via eHow Pets)

2. Speak, Shake and Sit Pretty: These three tricks may seem small, but they lay the foundation for more advanced tricks. The best part? Your dog can master them all in just one day with advice from Animal Planet fave Zak George. (via Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution)

3. Give Paw, High Five and Wave: Your dog may be comfortable around you and your family, but it’s a different story when guests come to the house. These three tricks will teach your pooch good manners when company comes calling. (via betterbooktv)

4. Come When Called: Who hasn’t had a moment of a dog running loose and totally ignoring you? SQUIRREL! (via fordummies)

5. Learn the Names of Toys: Repetition, patience and positive reinforcement are all you need for this trick, which BTW has sooo many applications. “Go get mama’s slippers.” *click click* (via Kristin Crestejo)

6. Spin: It’s time to start the party tricks. The classic spin move is cute and simple for dogs of all sizes and will always get an “awww.” (via betterbooktv)

Next-Level Trickery

7. Fetch: You might think dogs know how to fetch innately, but getting them to bring it back and cooperate is going to take some extra effort. Once they’ve got it down, you’ll have a fun way to get them some quick exercise. (via Training Positive)

8. Roll Over: All dogs love a good roll in the grass, right? All you’ll need is a bag of treats and some visual cues to harness that playfulness into a classic trick. (via Howcast)

9. Give Hugs: Dawwww, puppy love!! (via Kristin Crestejo)

10. Jump Through a Hoop: Bossy pups have you jumping through hoops all the time, so it’s about time they returned the favor. (via Faris Jaclyn Dog Training)

11. Balance a Treat: Don’t think sitting still is a trick? Just imagine someone placed a big, tasty cronut on top of your head and see what kind of restraint you have. Plus, there are endless things you can balance on your dog’s head — just ask Chuck. (via Training Positive)

12. Ring a Bell: Teaching your dog to ring the bell isn’t too much of a challenge, but the real trick comes when ringing the bell communicates something to you (such as letting you know they need to go outside and use the bathroom). So smart! (via betterbooktv)

Dogs > Humans?

13. Play Dead: Is your pooch a bit of a drama queen? Let her show off her acting chops when you go “Bang!” (via

14. Fetch a Beer from the Fridge: This is not a drill. Repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Put your feet up after a long day and your eager-to-please pup will grab you a cold one from the fridge. (via Kristin Crestejo)

15. Do Math: Is your dog smarter than a fifth grader? It would certainly seem so to all of your party guests with this trick. (via Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution)

16. Jump Rope: We’re sure you have a great bond with your canine friend, but let’s see how you work together as a team. As a bonus, jumping rope is a pretty sweet cardio exercise for both of you. (via Donna Hill)

17. Surf: You’ve heard of Buddy the Amazing Surfing Dog, right? We bet he’d love to have some other four-legged pals out there hanging ten. Check out this video to see how his owner made it happen. Cowabunga, dude! (via Videojug)

18. Man’s Best Bartender: Grabbing a beer from the fridge is one thing, but pouring pints? We’ve officially seen everything. Wonder if Steve the bulldog cards according to dog years or human years? (via Animal Planet)

Have you taught your dog to do any amazing tricks? What training methods did you use? Show us what you’ve got in the comments!