With warm weather breaking up our winter blues and spring on the horizon, it’s no wonder we’ve all got spring break getaways on our minds — especially if a lucky few of us have a trip totally booked. When those future jetsetters among us are gearing up for some fun in the sun and filling carry-ons with sunscreen and swimsuits galore, make sure to also add in some bobbies and brushes to your travel packs. While beach hair is one thing, travel hair is its own beast — but it doesn’t have to be. These 10 pretty hairstyles are as low maintenance as your beachside vacation. Before you get into full beach-bummin’ mode, bookmark one of these as your breezy travel ‘do inspo.


1. Upside Down Braided Bun: Looking to get a little sporty on your next island vacay? Toss your hair up into a no-fuss look that’s perfect for hitting those waves or playing volleyball in the sand. (via @amberfillerup)


2. Beachy Waves: Just ’cause you’re rocking a bob doesn’t mean you can’t catch those coveted beach waves. This sweet and shaggy ‘do is just what you need to capture that I just rolled outta bed yet I still look flawless vibe. (via @taylorashae)


3. Boho Braids: Add some braids into your beachy waves for extra island appeal. When you’re sick of the braids, unwrap them for a mermaid-inspired crimp that will last you till your next dip in the sea. (via The Beauty Department)


4. Messy Ponytails: Backcomb your tresses and step onto the beach looking like an off-duty model. Don’t forget to center that part before tying up this playfully tousled pony. (via @fannylyckman)


5. Wind-Swept Pixie: Let your pixie fall free into a crazy-chill coif. Comb down your bangs and leave your back strands messy, exuding that too-cool-to-care aura. (via @thecutlife)


6. Pumped Up Half Knot: Give your half-top knot a voluminous touch and add a little poof into the mix. It’s a great look if you’re headed from plane to poolside. (via @fannylyckman)


7. Khaleesi Braids: Look like a laid-back royal and channel your inner desert queen with a look inspired by Khaleesi herself. This style is a win for any springtime wedding or outdoor soiree — dragons not included. (via Kokay)


8. Pinned Half Knot: Whether you’re sipping mimosas or soaking up some rays, bring a little sophistication to your poolside ‘do with this pinned half knot. Run a brush through your top strands to get a sleeker look, but leave the rest of your hair as unruly as the beach wants it to be. (via @collagevintage)


9. Pineappling: Wanna kick those festive vibes up a notch? Sport this spunky pineapple ‘do for a look that blends in with that chill island atmosphere while also keeping your curls tamed. (via Popsugar)


10. Braided Bun: Perfect your tan while wearing this lazy-girl coif created with a single dutch braid tied into a messy bun. What’s great about this is even after a night of sleep the tousled look still looks good — if not better. (via @amberfillerup)

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