Messenger bags, backpacks and tablet totes are total lifesavers in organizing our lives, but they can bring with them with a lot of excess baggage — literally. UK-based Ohyo wants to help you consolidate all of your on-the-go storage solutions into one rucksack that rules them all. Their Ohyo bag is a multi-purpose marvel that expands to fits your whole day.


Ohyo was founded on the premise of making daily life more convenient and environmentally sustainable. To that end, they teamed up with designer Felix Conrad to brainstorm a multipurpose bag that not only adapts to your everyday needs, but also helps minimize the use of plastic bags. Determined to manufacture a high-quality, British-made product, Ohyo worked with designer Jas Sehmbi to produce the first prototype of the Ohyo bag within a matter of days.

The fledgling concept behind the Ohyo bag has now literally expanded into a one-size-fits-all tote that easily goes from day to night. You can use the Ohyo in four ways: as a tablet bag that lengthens to fit your gym attire, a work bag that grows to hold groceries, a travel bag that makes extra room for those impulse buys or as a backpack that unfolds into essential gear for the great outdoors. Three split rings are supplied to assemble and secure the bag into the configuration of your choice. The Ohyo webbing strips keep the straps and split rings in place at any location on the bag.


You don’t have to sacrifice style for storage with the Ohyo. The bag will be sold in both a lightweight Cordura material in charcoal, green or black shades, or as a slightly heavier soft canvas in navy blue. Both versions are waterproof. To help Ohyo expand their prototype into a full-fledged product, support their Kickstarter campaign by pledging $4 or more. You can nab an Ohyo bag of your own with a pledge of $89.

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(Photos via Ohyo)