From Uno to Cards Against Humanity, card games have been seriously evolving since our Go-Fish days. And the next card game that鈥檚 about to steal the limelight deals with kittens, magical enchiladas, taco cats and so much more. It鈥檚 called Exploding Kittens, and it鈥檚 finishing an explosive run on Kickstarter right about now.

The setup is simple. You don鈥檛 need to distribute an even number of cards to each player or anything like that. Just take the deck, put it face down in the center of the table and let everyone take turns drawing a card. Within the deck, there are multiple exploding kitten cards, and whoever draws one explodes and dies鈥 er, um鈥 we mean, loses. But! That person can dodge the exploding kitten with any defuse cards. So if you have a laser pointer defuse card, you鈥檙e safe and still in the game.

There are lots of wonderfully bizarre cards in the deck. We鈥檙e particularly digging the portable cheetah butt card that lets you skip your turn. Oh, and we can鈥檛 forget about rubbing the belly of a pig-a-corn (unicorn + pig) either! If you use that card, you get to see into the future (aka take a peek at the next card).

The game is meant to be kid friendly, so if you don鈥檛 mind cartoony violence, this is a great game to save for family nights. But the flexible strategic levels that the game allows makes it just as fun for a more mature crowd. Exploding Kittens launched on January 20, and within the first 20 minutes they reached their pledged goal of $10,000. With almost 200,000 backers, Exploding Kittens has raised over $7 million, making it the most backed campaign in Kickstarter history. We told you it was exploding on the crowdfunding platform. The campaign is still live for the next day or so鈥 but sadly, all the pledge gifts are sold out. Guess we鈥檒l all just have to wait until it hits store shelves.

On a scale from taco cat to exploding kitten, how excited are you about this card game? Let鈥檚 talk strategies in the comments below.