No, we’re not talking about an eyebrow piercing. At Dion Lee’s show on Saturday the Australian designer wooed American audiences at with a type of jewelry we’ve never seen before. As models strutted down the runway in crisp, neutral designs, they were accessorized not with a headband or a faux nose piercing, but rather with a custom piece of metal that perfectly contoured their face.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 4.36.18 PM

The jewelry was designed for Dion Lee by Sarah and Sebastian, a Sydney-based jewelry designer. And while it’s maybe not something we’d wear to the grocery store, it definitely made a statement on the runway. Designer Sarah Gittoes created the pieces custom for the models in the show, which makes sense considering the metal needed to be adjusted to fit the varying curves of all the ladies’ faces.

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Since the wire goes over the mouth we wouldn’t exactly suggest it for everyday wear (because you know, of that whole eating and breathing thing), but if you copied this look with a thin line of silver or gold paint, it could be a cool, minimal alternative for that next festival you attend.

If you’re all about face accessories of the avant-garde kind, be sure to also check out the dramatic, pearl-studded masks the models wore at the Givenchy show. They are a little bit terrifying (kind of like someone is making the best of a really bad accident), but also super beautiful in an artistic kind of way. We also won’t be wearing this to run our weekend errands, but it just might make the cut for that Halloween masquerade ball we’ve yet to be invited to.

What are your thoughts about face jewelry? Would you rock it? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @sarahandsebastianjewellery)