To hold on to that social media grip even tighter, Facebook has been endlessly releasing app after app. From the various FB Messenger apps that seem to roll out weekly to Scrapbook聽and GIF support, the behemoth social media network is hoping to keep us on it at all times. When you鈥檙e not busy scrolling through聽Instant Articles聽or finding pro restaurant聽critiques聽on your feed, Mark Zuckerberg now wants you to share聽photos with friends + family privately with the help of its just-released app.

faceboom moments

Moments聽(Free on iOS聽+ Android) is Facebook鈥檚 latest Creative Labs-produced app and (shockingly!) it鈥檚 all about sharing moments with people. The difference between this new app and regular ol鈥 FB is this DL is one used for sharing photos with friends and family privately without creepers peeking in on your life. With the app, users are able to create event groups (e.g. last night鈥檚 concert, your best friend鈥檚 wedding, your partner鈥檚 birthday celebration, etc) for attendees to easily sync their phone鈥檚 camera roll so everyone that was there gets in on the LOLs, OMGs + WTF moments from that specific group聽activity.

facebook moments

Not only does this app allow more privacy in photo sharing, getting those shots to only those that need 鈥檈m 鈥 with聽the ability to widen that photo鈥檚 reach with the opportunity聽to upload it to Facebook or Instagram 鈥 but it also alleviates the annoyance of everyone taking the same group shot or selfie on each person鈥檚 individual phone so they have it to use. With this app, everyone can get the shot without posing for five minutes for the same exact pic聽over and over鈥 and over again.

Let the photo taking + photo sharing continue, privately.

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