Facebook has always been about promoting conversation. Whether that has been a positive addition to the virtual realm overall remains a little unclear, but one thing is for sure: People have a lot of feelings and they like to tell the world ALL about them. Facebook has recently stepped up users’ ability to react to content via their reactions icons, but it looks like they’re taking things a step further by allowing people to not only comment with text but also with custom video.

facebook comment

The social network announced today that you can now upload a custom video as a comment reply. In the app, you’ll see a camera icon next to a comment field. Tap that and you can upload a video on a post created by friends, pages you follow and group pages. From what we’ve learned about commenting culture, this will likely become both a smart addition to the massive social network, as well as an easy forum for Internet bullies to go off on rants via their webcam. Well, here’s to hoping it’s mostly the former.

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(Photo via Facebook)