Since Facebook released their wider range of reaction options so people could do more than just “like” a post, it’s been a lot easier to manage our social media obsession. We still didn’t get a “dislike” button like we were promised, but now that we can be angry or sad about posts, it kind of makes up for it.


Facebook has put out seasonal reactions too, like the flowers for Mother’s Day and tiny Spocks and Kirks for Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary, and now they’re testing Halloween themed reactions. These include a jack-o’-lantern for angry, Frankenstein for sad, a laughing witch for “haha” and a ghost for “wow.”

These reactions show up retroactively too, meaning you’ll see them on posts you’ve already made. The problem with this is that now if people post about death, for example, they’re likely to see Frankenstein or a ghost instead of sad or shocked faces. Some people have perceived it to be a bit insensitive.


It would have been better if Facebook had just added the Halloween themed reactions and not taken away the original ones, because sometimes these new reactions just aren’t appropriate. At least it will only last a few more days, because then it’s Halloween! (You have your costume, right?)

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(Photos via Facebook, Getty)