When a hit TV show鈥檚 finale fades to black, they鈥檒l be there. When a bookstore throws a YA launch party, they鈥檒l be there. When an artist secretly drops a new album overnight, YA鈥橪L KNOW, they鈥檒l be there. We鈥檙e talking about super fans: those loyal lovers of pop culture phenoms and cult classics who have turned Comic-Con into one of the biggest events of the year. And while we do love a creative fan fic now and then, our latest obsession is fan art. We picked out some of the most amazing pieces of original art from around the web, and it鈥檚 got us pining for these characters all over again 鈥 just in time for summer binging.

Parks and Rec Fan Art

1. Parks and Recreation: If you think Leslie Knope looks super as Robin, just wait until you see Ron Swanson as Batman and Jerry/Larry/Terry as Hawkman. (via Vicktrola)

Orange is the New Black Fan Art

2. Orange Is the New Black: Forget about the love Gatsby had for Daisy; it鈥檚 all about the love Crazy Eyes has for her Dandelion. (via Dylan Shaw/Netflix)

Beyonce Fan Art

3. Beyonc茅: Beygency, assemblllle. (via Sanaa K)

Aquaman Fan Art

4. Superheroes: What are all those Marvel and DC Comics characters doing in their spare time? Just chillin鈥, from the looks of it. (Bonus: This artist also brings his comic drawing style to RuPaul鈥檚 Drag Race.) (via Chad Sells)

Sherlock Fan Art

5. Comic-Con Everything: If there鈥檚 a show, movie or musical that you adore, odds are this magnificent illustrator has covered it. (via Alice X. Zhang)


6. Game of Thrones: And you thought the Iron Throne was multi-faceted. Be sure to check out how the artist creates these lifelike graphic portraits. (via Mordi Levi)

Disney Fan Art

7. Disney: The gang鈥檚 all here in this whimsical collage of Disney鈥檚 best good guys and bad guys. The artist has also done a group shot of Game of Thrones characters, which somehow makes them look downright cuddly. (via Margaux Saltel)

Harry Potter Fan Art

8. Harry Potter: There鈥檚 nary a richer world than the Potterverse, and this artist has spared no detail from some of the books鈥 heavier scenes. Plus, some of the imagined scenes are so realistic, we鈥檙e more than happy to consider them canon. (via Burdge)

Leading Ladies Fan Art

9. Leading Ladies: From Rihanna to Angelina to Halle, this artist has created pop art portraits of some of the hardest-working women in Hollywood. (via Egle Kristensen)

Emoji Fan Art

10. Emoji Fan Art: Yeah, we thought we were pretty good with emojis too. That is, until this Instagrammer鈥檚 pop culture portraits put ours to shame. It鈥檚 like macaroni art for your smartphone. (via yungjake)

Princess Peach Fan Art

11. Super Mario Bros.: Princess Peach may have always been the damsel in distress, but she鈥檚 front and center in this illustrator鈥檚 tribute to Super Mario Bros. Check out the rest of her blog and store for doodles of another strong #girlboss, Hermione Granger. (via Michelle Hiraishi)

Solange Fan Art

12. Solange: This fan鈥檚 digital artwork is bold, bright and offbeat, just like Solange. (via Natalie Blake)

Calvin and Hobbes Fan Art

13. Intense Character Portraits: Much like the latest superhero movies have made Batman, Superman, et al. far more dramatic than their comics ever suggested, this fan adds some serious gravitas to characters you wouldn鈥檛 expect, like Scooby Doo and Calvin and Hobbes. (via CoranKizerStone)

Disney University Fan Art

14. Disney University: Mike and Sully got to attend Monsters University, but what about Jasmine, Snow White, Simba and Nala? Even Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn鈥檛 grow up, becomes a millennial in this series. (via Hyung86)

Breaking Bad Fan Art

15. Breaking Bad: One look at this infamous teddy bear is all it takes to remind us of just how bad Walter broke. (via sketchesnatched)

Girls Fan Art

16. GIRLS: We can鈥檛 get enough of the antics of Hannah, Marnie and co., which is why Girls Illustrated is a must-follow blog. (via Nina Cosford)

Mindy Project Fan Art

17. The Mindy Project: Even Mindy Kaling herself bought this print. We鈥檙e suspect she keeps it safely stored next to her signed photo of Kris Jenner. (via Roaring Softly)

Doctor Who Fan Art

18. Doctor Who: Is it even possible to improve upon the classic Americana that is a Normal Rockwell painting? Turns out the answer is a resounding yes when you Photoshop it to include your favorite classic TV shows. (via Rockbetter)

Mad Men Fan Art

19. Mad Men: Mad Men will always go down as one of the most fashionable shows on TV, so it鈥檚 perfectly appropriate that fashion artist David Downton sketched such stunning portraits of the show鈥檚 characters. (via David Downton /Vogue UK)

Weasley Fan Art

20. Future Harry Potter: Can鈥檛 wait until the West End stage production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to find out what happens to HP and friends? Indulge your imagination in these lively drawings of the next generation of Hogwarts students. (via TwiggyMcBones)

Agent Carter Fan Art

21. Agent Carter: Marvel should seriously consider using this fan art as an official poster for its kickass secret-agent series. (via Dracophile)

Pop Culture Posters

22. Pop Culture Posters: From the banana stand to the Death Star, from JJ鈥檚 Diner to Bob鈥檚 Burgers, we think this fan art will fit in perfectly with your other retro travel posters. (via Andrew Heath)

Are you a diehard fan of a particular series, movie or artist? Have you ever created fan art before? Share your fandom in the comments!