With visions of fashion week still fresh our brains, we’ve got, well, fashion on our minds more than usual. And while we’d consider ourselves pretty stylish, it got us thinking about areas of improvement. Could our closets be more organized? Should we attempt the Pharrell hat trend? Is there some ’90s fashion we should brush up on? It may seem overwhelming at first, but where there’s room for improvement, there’s surely an app that can help — even in the style world. If you’ve resolved to be more fashionable this year or just want to maintain your already killer style, check out these five free fashion apps that you should download, stat.

1. Pose (Free): You may have already heard about this Rachel-Zoe-backed fashion app and just haven’t downloaded it yet. We’re here to ask: Why? This incredible app is a must for fashionphiles. After creating a profile to determine your style, Pose will suggest fellow users (including fashion bloggers and celebrities) to follow for style inspiration. You’ll then be able to track photos of their outfits and even shop them. You can also create collections of your favorite “poses” or looks to share with others. It’s also ideal for indecisive gals in need of a second opinion: Simply snap a photo of your outfit, upload it to the app and other users will give their feedback in seconds.

2. Speak Chic (Free): You’ve been there. We’ve been there. That awkward moment when you’re talking about a designer and you realize you don’t really know how to pronounce their name. Is it Err-mez or Air-mez? Ji-van-shee or Guh-van-shay? Worry no longer. Speak Chic will teach you exactly how to pronounce nearly 300 different hard-to-say brand names and even include a sound byte for you to listen to (over and over again if need be). It also includes a quick summary on the the brand, in case you’re in need of a label history recap.

3. Closet+ (Free): When you first watched Clueless, a small piece of you secretly knew that one day you’d be able to digitize your closet the way Cher Horowitz did. Voilà — presenting Closet+, a wardrobe-organizing app that’s basically your new handheld stylist. Not only can you log every piece of clothing you own, you can also track when you wore them last, what you wore them with and how much they cost you. You can also organize your pieces by season or collection and mark your favorites outfits.

4. Fitting Room Social (Free): There are so many pros about online shopping. But then there are the cons, which for many, is the fact that not everything you order fits the way you thought it would. That’s where this brilliant app comes in. Let’s say you’re shopping for jogger pants, but you’re unsure how it will fit. You can search the brand, color or style of an item and get recommendations on the fit and style based on your measurements and from fellow Fitting Room Social users that are the same size as you. Additionally, this app will also recommend trending styles that they think will “fit” you and your style.

5. Cloth (Free): This über useful app helps you catalog all your favorite outfits and tag them by season, event or whatever other categories you have in mind (color-blocking, maybe?). Our favorite part about this app, however, is the fact that it’s connected to weather site Wunderground, which means Cloth is able to pull weather-appropriate outfits and pieces based on your city’s current conditions. If you use this app wisely, you may never be caught wearing a sheer dress in the rain ever again. Take that, recent bizarre and temperamental weather.

What are some of your favorite fashion apps? Tell us in the comments below!