It鈥檚 been a good week to be a dad. Designer Nate Berkus and husband Jeremiah Brent welcomed a daughter. Ashton is getting that petition for more diaper changing stations in mens鈥 bathrooms. And our own dads are doing awesome, thanks for asking. To celebrate, we wanted to shine a spotlight back on one of our favorite web destinations for proud papas on the go. Fatherly is the site for modern dads 鈥 they feature actually useful parenting tips, teach dads to get crafty with their little ones and try to help us all find the best cases to (hopefully) child-proof that phone once and for all, It鈥檚 like they have everything you never knew you needed to know about winning dad of the year. Check out these highlights from the Jedi-like relationship-building skills found on the site.

Fatherly 4

1. Cooking In Quite Possibly the Coolest Way Imaginable: Yoda Panckaes. Yeah, by the time anyone figures out how to make this perfect rendition of Yoda, you鈥檒l have had breakfast in bed more times than you can count. Just remember to compliment the efforts no matter how un-Yoda-y they may be. Dad did just wake up and make everyone in the house pancakes.

Fatherly 2

2. Super-Solid, Heart-Warming, Tear-Jerking Parenting Advice: We鈥檙e so inspired after reading this Rhodes Scholar/Navy SEAL talk about raising resilient kids.


3. Staying Up on the Latest, Greatest (and the Most Unsafe) Trends: Fatherly has stuff that dads can totally use to impress the little ones, including this mind-numblingly intense roller-coaster-style water slide.

Fatherly 3

4. It鈥檚 Actually Really, Really Informative and Funny Too: Need to know the best age to start giving kids chores and how to manage their allowances? Yup, Fatherly has got you covered. Check out these tips to help you raise responsible, empathetic kids who know how to budget.


5. Bridging the Communication Gap: Let鈥檚 face it, you and your SO don鈥檛 always agree, but unlike your BFF, who you can take a break from for weeks at a time, spouses are here to stay. Fatherly鈥檚 2-Minute Therapy articles get us all thinking about how we can meet in the middle, like what to do when your parenting styles don鈥檛 exactly match up.

Fatherly 1

6. Tackling Serious, Life-Altering Issues: We love Fatherly鈥檚 informative, relationship-improving articles. For example, this one about the significant benefits of having partner with a high earning potential. It鈥檚 like your husband鈥檚 best friend is now your best friend, explaining that: 鈥淢en consistently underestimate how seriously their wives take financial goals.鈥 Can we give you a hug, Fatherly?

We think they鈥檙e killing it so far. What would you like to see published at Fatherly?