A scrapbook is a lovely, totally customizable project that makes the perfect thoughtful gift for friends, family and loved ones. But sometimes the thought of making an entire book can be daunting enough to prevent us from even getting started. All that鈥檚 about to change with Felt, an app that makes storytelling and scrapbooking a piece of cake 鈥 delicious, memory-filled cake.


Felt lets you take photos from your camera and phone, then personalize the pics with decorative frames, doodles and a handwritten message on the front聽and back of each photo.


The finishing touches come when the photos are printed on thick Mohawk paper and sealed in a pretty red envelope by Felt鈥檚 employees, then sent out to everyone you love. Goodbye traditional holiday cards and hellooo personalized scrapbooks for Nana.

The best part? The prices are so reasonable that these mini projects won鈥檛 break the bank. A scrapbook of five frames costs $7 per recipient, while a single frame 鈥渂ook鈥 costs only $3 鈥 not too shabby.


Would you give this scrapbooking tool a try? Are you ready to replace your holiday cards with this new tech-savvy option? Tell us in the comments below!聽