Disney may not have given Frozen鈥檚 Elsa a girlfriend, but it may have just made history with its latest Pixar collaboration. Following the release of the Finding Dory trailer, Twitter fans were going nuts with speculation that they may have just seen the first lesbian couple (now also available in emoji form) in a Disney film, well, ever.


In a blink-and-you鈥檒l-miss-it moment, two females, seemingly pushing a stroller together, can be seen near the three-minute mark of the trailer, and though short, it was enough to get people totally geeked.

pixar couple

Check out a snippet of the excitement below:

Good eye, @DLTthings!

We did, @laylahildebrand. We did!

You鈥檙e not alone, @JamesPerez91!

Other users, like @ariel_kramer and @ItsGraceBoyan were beyond pumped by the news:

Just a few days from National Pride Month (do you have your rainbow gear ready?), the film wouldn鈥檛 be the first to show a gay couple (Frozen is said to have a gay character in kiosk owner Oaken), but it would be the first to show a family headed by two women.

While some feel the declaration is a bit premature, pointing out that the two ladies could simply be friends or even two strangers simply passing by, we鈥檙e inclined to agree with the original conclusion, especially considering that the movie鈥檚 main voice, Ellen DeGeneres, is such a leader in the LGBTQ community (she even has her own lifestyle brand!).

See the trailer in its entirety to judge for yourself:

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(h/t The Guardian, photos via @PixarFindingDory, The Ellen Show and Getty)