If we didn’t already want to zip up our space suit and launch ourselves into a situation where we could joke with Houston and fulfill all of our Sandra Bullock in Gravity fantasies, we REALLY do now. Lately, NASA’s finest have been proving just how extra awesome it is to be an astronaut these days. They’re Tweetin’ pix, posting selfies from space and 3D printing at zero Gs. This weekend, they upped their proverbial klout score another kool notch with the very first Vine from space:

In the six second clip from astronaut Reid Wiseman, we witness a single Earth orbit taken at the terminator line, which separates the sunlit side of the Earth from the dark, nighttime areas. We may not Vine as often as we Facebook, Tweet and Insta, but this particular social network is ideal for giving followers a real-time glimpse at a world we think we know (um, Planet Earth), plus a whole new view. PS: Dear Sir Elton John, we would love a social media remake for “Rocketman” whenever you get a chance.

Where do your space dreams register: space camp or space condo? Share below, we just might be looking for a Mars/moon roommate in 2024…