Admit it, Real Housewives shows are kind of your jam. Guilty pleasure though they may be there is something so satisfying about watching beautiful women sip white wine and throw shade. And watching it is not without its merits; Heather Dubrow from RHWOC taught us about cool lip liner and everyone is a better person for having met Lisa Vanderpump.

In the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, fan favorite Nene is going to be replaced by a new woman — world, meet Amiyah Scott, the first transgender woman to ever be featured on this show. No, it’s not the most breaking news (ahem, the White House just announced its first openly transgender staff member) but we’re tuning in.

ATM (according to the latest tea) it looks like Amiyah might only guest star depending on how high she turns it up, but here are five things to know about her before she becomes your new favorite.


1. Her hometown is New Orleans: Amiyah grew up in Louisiana and says her NOLA upbringing was very conducive to her path to transitioning. In an interview with The Fab Femme Amiyah says her hometown was “really diversified and I wasn’t forced to try and fit in a box.” She pays tribute to her roots with a fleur de lis tattoo on her ribs.


2. She was part of the ballroom culture: The ballroom scene is an important facet of LGBT history (please see: Paris Is Burning). Essentially, ballrooms are big house parties where often queer-identifying people dress up and compete against each other. The competitors band together in cliques called houses and often serve as mentors to younger members. Amiyah was part of a house called Mizrahi in New Orleans and says she found support in that group when she was separated from her family during Hurricane Katrina. She also says she won something like $12,000 during these competitions as a teenager.


3. She’s obsessed with mermaids: On social media Amiyah self identifies as a “unicorn without a horn” a “weavologist” and most importantly “mermaid.” She expresses this love by dying her hair to look like a sea goddess and posting tons of NSFW Ariel memes. She even recently bought a swimming tail that you’re going to want to steal. You can copy her look with these cool hair color tips.


4. She could use her platform for good: Recently Amiyah posted about India Clarke, the 10th trans woman murdered in the US this year. Amiyah has already started spreading awareness about these atrocities but you can help by staying woke about the violence committed against queer women every day. She has also said that she wants to help support women who can’t afford to medically transition — “I don’t want young trans woman to go to the streets to find hormones and pills for a cheaper price on the streets,” she revealed in an interview with Fab Femme, ” It’s not safe.”


5. She’s ready to get wifed up: Though Amiyah will be going on to the set of Housewives as a single lady she says that she has domestic dreams for the future. In a 2014 interview she said: “all I want to do is have a family and be cooking in a little floral dress.” She shows off her skills in the kitchen on her Instagram and judging by that alone we feel safe saying that anyone would be lucky to have her!

If you’ll pardon the Bravo pun we can’t wait to watch what happens with Amiyah!

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(Photos via @kingamiyahscott)