Floravere is here to change the way women shop for wedding gowns. The luxury bridal brand delivers customizable gowns (think color changes, addition sleeves, and bows, etc.) straight to your home to lend a personal experience — and that even includes the option of sample try-ons. With a direct-to-consumer model that offers luxury quality dresses at an accessible price, founder Molly Kang wants to give brides the shopping experience she never had — no pushy salespeople, no midday appointments, no fuss.


In addition to saving women from the potential exhaustion of the gown search, Floravere just launched the Red Carpet Collection, inspired by stylish stars of the past and present with gown names like E. Stone (AKA Emma Stone) and K. Washington. After all, a wedding is truly a woman’s red carpet moment, and with all the awards season eye candy still fresh in our minds, we are here for this collection. We chatted with Kang to hear more about it:

Molly Kang: I got interested in bridal because, as a consumer, I saw such a big need and HUGE pain point! Nearly 10 years ago, I started wedding dress shopping with girlfriends who got engaged and couldn’t believe how tough the experience was. So, I set out to change that. My background is in retail and fashion on the business side — but never specifically bridal (until now). But, I work with the most incredible designers and a whole team of talented artisans with deep luxury bridal experience.

B+C: Why do you think the bridal gown selection process is typically such a production?

MK: I think it stems from how women and brides used to shop. If I think about how our grandmothers shopped, it was all offline (no internet!) without much exposure outside of what was offered in their local area. And my grandmother definitely had more time to go to midday or midweek appointments because she didn’t work. But millennial women today are much savvier consumers who shop, live, and think about their wedding so differently. Yet the notions around how to shop for a wedding dress are still the same!

B+C: How do you keep the prices down for custom? (Impressive!)

MK: Thank you! We sell directly to the consumer, so essentially our gowns are sold closer to wholesale prices. We also sell our gowns using a new business model and supply chain so it cuts out many traditional cost components. We like to say it’s designer sample sale prices without the sample sale!


B+C: You name your gowns after celebs — who is your number one celeb style icon?

MK: Oh, that’s a tough question! We name each collection thematically, whether they are named after classic literary heroines or modern-day style icons. This last red-carpet collection was specifically named after celebrities because we wanted to emphasize the modern and fresh silhouettes of the dresses (like the E. Stone [$3,490]). If I had to pick one modern-day style icon… can it be a tie between Emma Stone and Diane Kruger? Oh and don’t get me started if the category is open to classic style icons of the past… too many to name!


B+C: How do you pick each gown’s name?

MK: We designed each gown to capture an essence, a vibe — so an interpretation of the girl they’re named after, like this C. Mulligan ($2,250). Whether that’s channeling a signature dress from the past or just a feeling, I feel like each of the style icons we chose has a “look” they embody: bold, or super feminine, or effortless/relaxed. I also love that when you wear each gown, you can channel that feeling for your own walk down the aisle. So every bride can have their own red-carpet moment!

B+C: Do you have any plans to go beyond bridal? Bridesmaids? Evening?

MK: We have lots of grand visions and dreams about where Floravere can go and where we feel there are lots of opportunities to offer a better product and purchase process to customers — at a better value. Stay tuned for what we have in store :)

B+C: What is the one piece of advice you would give to all brides-to-be when selecting a dress?

MK: Go with your gut and try not to enlist too much outside advice. It’s easy to take into account everyone’s opinion but your own. I love that, more and more, we see brides and couples embracing weddings as a way to express their personal tastes, versus doing everything in the cookie-cutter “traditional” fashion. I think the wedding dress should also embrace that spirit: Wear what you love, what makes you feel great, versus what you feel like you “should” wear.

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