“Floss daily” consistently shows up in the ranks of the most popular New Year’s resolutions we make at the beginning of each year. But it’s often broken long before we ever whip out that shiny new mint-flavored box of floss. What we need is a gadget that keeps us accountable for flossing our pearly whites every day of the year. Meet Flosstime, the first smart floss dispenser that aims to help you build a daily flossing habit that you can maintain.


The philosophy of Palo Alto-based Flosstime Inc. is that it’s not us who are entirely to blame for our bad flossing habits. Traditional floss dispensers have a clunky, less-than-memorable design with no feedback, so it’s no wonder we forget to use them! Flosstime, on the other hand, is like having a personal dentist by your side who mentors you during every flossing session. This makes it far more likely that you’ll maintain the habit and avoid icky conditions like gum and periodontal disease.

To get your teeth squeaky clean, start by mounting the Flosstime onto your bathroom mirror or wall using removable micro-suction tape or an adhesive strip. With the push of an easy button, the device dispenses the ADA-recommended floss length of 18 inches. Having an automatic dispenser at your fingertips means that you can stop the acrobatic act of flossing with too short or too long a piece of floss and get started on your new habit without hassle.


The patent-pending Flosstime is modeled after successful habit-forming approaches that offer a cue, routine and a reward. To that end, once the Flosstime dispenses floss, you’ll have 90 seconds to floss, measured by four glowing blue quadrant indicators that move clockwise around the device. As long as you’ve kept your vow to your pearly whites, you’ll see the Flosstime light up with a blue smile. If you start to slack on your daily habit, a “frowning” orange reminder light will cue you that it’s time to floss again! As a bonus, cute animal snap-ons with glowing eyes make Flosstime fun for little ones and big kids alike.

Have a shared bathroom? The Flosstime’s dual user mode can be shared by two. But you still can’t trick the Flosstime into believing you flossed when your roommate or S.O. did all of the work! The dual mode offers a separate reminder for each person, so if you skip out on your end of the bargain, the other person will know! We think a little playful competition is just what absentee flossers need to get back on track with their habit!

Check out the video below to see the Flosstime in action. Then, head on over to their Kickstarter campaign to receive updates on product developments and their launch!

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