Every family has traditions come the holidays, from baking cookies to re-watching your favorite Christmas movie for the 100th time (Elf! Love Actually! The list goes on!). While some traditions have been around so long it’s hard to remember how they started, there are new ones that can be made every season. Like with food, for instance. Festive fare connects us all this time of year, so it’s never a bad idea to start some new kitchen customs + create new holiday recipes that you’ll all look forward to in years to come. To get those wheels turning, here are 10 fun foodie Christmas traditions to start this year.


1. Snowman Hot Chocolate: Make a big batch of this peppermint white hot chocolate and sip it while you walk around the neighborhood admiring all the Christmas lights. This recipe comes together in your slow cooker and is a definite step up from the powdered varieties. (via Following in My Shoes)


2. Gingerbread House Party: Gather up the kids and kids at heart and host your first annual gingerbread house party. Pre-assemble the houses the night before so your guests can get right to work when they arrive. It also helps to label each house with the designer’s name so they don’t get mixed up by accident. (via Design Improvised)


3. Reindeer Food: Santa gets milk and cookies, and now the reindeer want a snack too. Combine rolled oats and colorful sprinkles to make the feed and toss it in the grass on Christmas Eve to welcome Santa’s squad. (via Crafts Unleashed)


4. Christmas Cookies: Certain things are classic traditions for a reason, like baking Christmas cookies. Crank up the holiday tunes and start working on the sugar cookie dough. (via Brit + Co)


5. Reindeer Pancakes: Plan a little holiday breakfast one morning, complete with reindeer-shaped pancakes. The various-sized circle pancakes used for the face means there’s no squirt bottle or fancy art skills required. Two crispy pieces of bacon make the perfect pair of antlers, and the candy eyes and nose are an extra-special treat. (via 365 Days of Pinterest)


6. Cookie Exchange Party: Grab the cookies you baked earlier and invite some friends over to share them with. Ask that each person also bring a few dozen of their favorite cookies and you’ve got yourself a party worth repeating every year. Set up a packaging station with boxes and labels so everyone can take some home for later. (via My Baking Addiction)


7. Cinnamon Ornaments: These ornaments only call for two simple ingredients, which means they’re great for tiny helpers in the kitchen. Plus, your house is going to smell so good when you’re done. (via Completely Delicious)


8. Candy Cane Hunt ($9): Just like you have an egg hunt every year for Easter, start having a candy cane hunt for Christmas. It’s a fun activity with a prize built in if you let them keep as many candy canes as they can find at the end.


9. Volunteer: Give back through something everyone loves — food! The experience might be better than any present ever could be, and it’s something you’ll both look forward to every year. (via Mommy Has to Work)


10. Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts: Start doing a little last-minute baking before bed on Christmas Eve to get breakfast ready for the next day. This way, everyone will have fresh donuts to nosh on and you can give your undivided attention to the morning merriment instead of having to spend part of it in the kitchen. (via Creations by Kara)

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