Fourneau is the new bread oven that makes it simple to bake no-knead artisanal bread right in your own kitchen. The cast iron wonder was created by designers Ted and Sharon Burdett, owners of Strand Design. As experienced designers, they were able to troubleshoot the best — and most stylish — ways to fill the needs of the average baker.


It’s simple to use, versatile and delivers the highest quality bread straight out of the oven. They’ve already reached their Kickstarter goal, by a landslide, but a little flex dough never hurt anyone.



bread 4

The oven is like a Dutch oven, made specifically for making breads and pizza crusts. It’s made of cast iron and small enough to leave in your oven at all times — so there’s no pressure to find a new home for it in your limited cupboards space. All you have to do is set your dough inside the Fourneau, put the lid on and let it bake to perfection. Once those wafts of freshly baked bread start permeating your building, don’t be surprised if your neighbors suddenly become VERY friendly.

bread 5

We love the back-to-basics style of this kitchen gadget. How often would you make bread in this gorgeous contraption?