It’s the most wonderful time of the year — National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! A merry, cherry NCCCD to you and yours. We’re not the only ones celebrating the ultimate Treat Yo’ Self holiday. Here’s the scoop on places you can nab FREE cookies, delicious deals plus ways to celebrate at home on this most gooey of days. Our hearts are warm just thinking about it. Or is that our tummies?

The only loyalty we have to a hotel is to the DoubleTree by Hilton — or, as we, like to call it, the Cookie Hotel. If you’re lucky enough to be crashing at Casa la Cookie, you know you are greeted with a warm cookie upon check-in and anytime you want after that. How is it warm? Where are they baked exactly? We don’t ask questions, we just eat them. And today, you can walk into any DoubleTree for two free cookies. One for you and one to share. Or “share.”

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day came early this year with car service Lyft. If you don’t know about Lyft, it’s a super unique way to get around that involves an app, pink mustaches, secret handshakes and, now, cookie wars. It all started when an SF Lyft driver would bake two different types of cookies and ask each passenger to vote for their favorite. Sounds better than any type of taxi you’ve ever been in, right? The winning cookie would then become the next day’s challenger in a mega baking bracket. The ultimate champion cookie was his now-famous salted butterscotch, which is taking on your standard chocolate chip in rides during Challenge the Chip. Thanks to Nashville’s Dozen Bakery, thousands of Lyft passengers across the country will get to partake in the taste test.

A ride with Lyft is supposed to feel like a friend (literally, you “pound it” when you get in the car) coming to pick you up, but I don’t know if any of my friends have ever picked me up with a box of cookies waiting for me. Step up your game, friends. Or don’t because Amy (above!) is my new friend now. She’s a part-time Lyft driver, a full-time grad student and currently a freelance cookie distributor.

During our ride ‘round town (actually to my eye doctor’s appointment) I got to take part in the Challenge the Chip campaign and sample the reason for the season and the salted butterscotch variety. Sorry to say on this holy day, but after careful consideration I am #TeamButterscotch. When’s our holiday.

If Lyft isn’t in your city (check here!) and there’s no DoubleTree around, Mrs. Fields has a treat for you! Starting today until May 20, the monster cookie site is offering 20% off all online orders when you use the promo code: NCCCD. We’ll take one big chocolate chip cookie cake for the office, please and thank you.

Have a local bakery you love or a neighborhood haunt that feeds your cookie fix on a daily basis? Check and see if they have any festivities or deals planned — chances are you’ll leave the counter with a free cookie or two. ‘Tis the season! And if you need to quell that craving right here, right now, here are a couple of our favorite ways to DIY the day at-home:

Trick Out the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie: When one just isn’t enough, we got six ways to spice it up!

DIY Chipwiches: Sure, these ice cream sandos need their own holiday (actually they probably have one?), but for now, they can get a taste of this one.

Eat Every Dessert Out of Them: Blog Oh Happy Day has five seriously delicious, inventive ways to get your choco chip on, including skillet-style, with stuffed surprises and in bowl form. DROPS MIC AND BYE!

Wait, don’t go yet… Cookie shots for all courtesy of cronut-master Dominique Ansel!

How are you celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Share + your favorite recipe with us below!