Summer may be the season of love, but that doesn’t mean that we all have the dolla dolla bills to take our sweeties out on elaborate dates as much as we would like. Sure, you could always resort to working out with your partner, or, on the other end of the activity scale, stream your weekend must-watch list together. But your S.O. deserves a little creativity. For anyone feeling a little strapped for cash but still wanting to make their sweetie feel adored, here are 14 completely free summertime dates to try.


1. DIY a Disney night in. So your partner is obsessed with Disney (who isn’t). Print out or trace their favorite characters — and Cinderella’s castle, of course — and decorate the living room fit for Disney royalty. Then pop in their favorite Disney classic and get prepared for a happily ever after.

2. Host an “invent your own board game” night. A board game night is a great free date, but it’s a little tired. That’s why you should try to make up your own. Whether it’s as elaborate as New Girl’s ‘True American” or something a tad bit milder, just scavenge for trinkets around your apartment and let your collective creative juices run wild.

Young happy couple dancing at home and laughing.

3. YouTube salsa lessons. Salsa is a sure-fire sultry date — but who has the money to actually attend lessons? Thankfully, with YouTube at our fingertips, all you have to do is push back the couch, put on your dressiest attire and find the right tutorial.

4. Head tothe beach for a sports day. Beaches are a great place for some free romantic fun this summer. But it’s always a little awkward lying next to your date in complete silence while they attempt to sun themselves. This time, pack up every sports day game you’ve got — from volleyball to a Frisbee — and let the competitions begin! Bonus points if you make a wager for what the loser has to do upon defeat.

5. Take a bike ride to nowhere. Biking is another great activity to do in the warm weather. But instead of biking to that cute Vietnamese restaurant you both love, set off without having a destination in mind. Not only will you avoid the dreaded “are we there yet” feeling, but you’ll probably find some awesome local treasures along the way too.

6. Try the yoga challenge craze. A popular challenge on YouTube, the crazy yoga challenge is all about couples trying to contort themselves into awkward two-person yoga poses. After watching a few videos together, try out some of the poses for yourselves — just make sure to stretch first.


7. Play tourist for the day and hold an Instagram competition. Pretending to be a tourist in your own hometown can be a super fun way to see more of your city. But we suggest adding one more layer to this already popular date idea: At every touristy spot, each of you has to take and post an artsy Instagram. By the end of the day, the person with the least amount of likes on their pics owes their partner a foot massage.

8. Crash some open houses in your neighborhood. Summer weekends are usually packed with open houses just begging to be explored. Put on your best old-money faces and hit as many as you can — and don’t forget to compete to see who can guess closest to the listing price.

9. Indulge in a backyard s’mores night. We love camping as much as the next person, but between asking for a few days off and shelling out the dough for a campground, it can end up being more work than play. If you don’t have the time or the moola, try setting up a tent in your backyard. Not only is it a cheaper option, but you’ll have the comforts of home just steps away too.

10. DIY a spa night in for each other. Everyone knows that spas are expensive. Luckily, thanks to the magic of DIY, almost anything can be crafted using household ingredients. Check out this helpful guide to get started.

11. Host a crazy ingredients fondue night. There’s only one rule on this date: You are not allowed to go to the supermarket. Using only food you already have in your refrigerator, test out which food tastes best dipped in melted cheese (can you go wrong?) with your S.O.


12. Start a water gun war. Whether you’ve still got a little pent up frustration from your last fight or you just want a chance to splash your sweetie, a water gun fight is always a good idea in the hot summer sun. Or, really bring back childhood memories by filling up water balloons for some sneak attacks.

13. Shoot some hoops at your local public court and throw a surprise picnic afterward. Grab a basketball and tell your sweetie that you want to go and play a few rounds of HORSE. They’ll be so surprised that you actually packed them a super cute park picnic afterward that it’s sure to go down as one of the best dates of the summer.

14. Walk to the library and rent terrible but hilarious movies together. It’s not sunny every day of summer, and this idea is perfect for that rare rainy day. If your local library is within walking distance, grab your partner and head down. Once there, secretly pick out one movie or TV show that you know your S.O will find hysterical. Get cozy back in your apartment and let the hilarity begin!

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