Often shunned or, legend has it, simply re-gifted year after year, fruitcake has had it pretty hard over the years. Sure, the heavy loaves we’ve all seen haven’t done its rep any favors, but that’s not the only kind out there. The 15 fabulous fruitcake recipes below are here to prove it. Featuring an assortment of global takes on the confection plus a few reimagined forms — cookies and donuts sound good? — there’s sure to be one that tickles your fancy. You won’t be sorry you clicked — promise.


1. Stollen Breakfast Buns: Serve these buns up on Christmas morning. They’re a terrific alternative to cinnamon rolls, and are just the thing to eat as you open presents. (via Super Golden Bakes)


2. Chocolate Fruitcake: You’ll need to allow this cake about a week to rest and soak up all the booze brushed over top, but trust that the wait is well worth it. With its notes of coffee and cocoa, the depth of flavor is incomparable. (via Heinstirred)


3. Mini Honey Fruitcakes: Mini treats are a great way to offer the choice of several different fruit flavor combos. Garnish them with dried apricots, cranberries, cherries or a mix of all three. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Dundee Cake: This light, spongey fruitcake is a welcome departure from the leaden ones we’re used to. (via Frugal Feeding)

5. Tuscan Panforte: More like candy than cake, you’ll love the rich chocolate flavor of this fruit- and nut-studded confection. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of coffee or glass of dessert wine. (via The Brooklyn Ragazza)

6. Kerststol: The delicious almond paste center hidden in the middle of this yeasted loaf is certainly a sweet surprise. (via Cooking With GIFs)

7. Jubilee Jumbles: It’s quite likely that these will disappear before folks realize what they really are — fruitcake cookies. (via Pixelated Crumb)

8. Bourbon Fruitcake Pops: Serving these bourbon-boosted ice cream bonbons on a stick keeps your fingers free from stickiness and crumbs. Now that sounds like a perfect bite-sized treat to make sprits bright. (via Brit + Co)

9. Panettone: Italians sure know how to do fruitcake right. These mini loaves are a delicious nibble on their own, but can also be sliced and given the ol’ French toast treatment. (via Dishes from My Kitchen)

10. Chocolate Fruit Cake: Orange juice ensures that this terrific teetotaler fruitcake is just as flavorful and moist as its boozy counterparts. (via The White Ramekins)


11. Fruitcake Bars: If the word fruitcake causes you to wrinkle your nose, try on another name on for size: luscious cherry brandy bars. Now that sounds simply irresistible, right? Chockfull of fruit and nuts, they even make a good on-the-go breakfast in a pinch. (via Arctic Garden Studio)

12. Fruchtebrot: Enjoy customizing the fruit blend in this German Christmas fruitcake. It’s a great way to make a loaf that clears out the pantry and pleases your palate at the same time. Try slices with a little salted butter or whipped cream cheese — the sweet-savory combo is divine. (via 1 Big Bite)

13. English Plum Pudding: There are so many good things going for this cake — it’s incredibly moist, features a swoon-worthy selection of flavors AND (best of all, perhaps) you get to set it on fire before you serve it. Just remember, safety first. (via Livin’ the Pie Life)

14. Mini Fruitcakes: No day-glow cherries here. Orange zest, candied ginger and chocolate chips set these mini cakes apart from the scarier loaves out there. (Healthy Seasonal Recipes)

15. Boozy Fruitcake Donut: Boozy baked donuts? Yes, please. (via Corner Blog)

Are you a fan of the fruitcake? Let us know your favorite cake bakers and recipes below.