It’s hard to deny the power of this year’s record-breaking summer. That sound you’re hearing? It’s the collective panting of dogs from coast to coast. Hopefully you and your dog reaped the benefits of this sweltering summer, from doggy pool parties to summer slushies, while avoiding the perils of the season (dehydration, sunburns and that dreaded end-of-summer malaise). With the dog days of summer behind us, we’re pretty excited for sweater weather. But for all the joys that autumn brings — rainy day reading, tall boots and pumpkin spice everything — we can’t forget about our pups. Scroll on for eight dog-approved fall activities for you and your pal to enjoy.


1. Hit the Pumpkin Patch: Get your dog in on the Halloween action by finding a nearby, dog-friendly pumpkin patch. Beyond the fun of trotting through the fields together, your dog can enjoy the flavors of the season too. See, pumpkins aren’t just a tasty and safe snacks for pups. They’re actually good for dogs too, with high fiber, vitamins and fatty acids that aid your dog’s digestive health. (via @bonjourbrie)


2. Make DIY Dog Treats: It’s cold and rainy outside, aka the perfect time to hunker down in the kitchen and whip up a batch of cookies. This dog-friendly recipe look so good, you might be tempted to try a bite yourself. (Go ahead, we won’t tell!) (via Kevin + Amanda)

3. Creative Costuming: Raptor rottweilers. Pugs dressed as E.T. Hipster terriers. The possibilities for dog Halloween costumes are endless and hilarious. This year, we suggest a couple’s costume for extra awesomeness. This Wayne and Garth totally made our day. (via Amber Christensen/


4. Learn Some New Tricks: Have you been procrastinating on teaching your old dog new tricks? For a rainy day, buckle down and send your four-legged friend to school. In a single afternoon, your stubborn pal could be shaking hands, rolling over and speaking with the best of them. (via Brit + Co)


5. Roll in the Mud: Yes, there are dog boots and puppy raincoats (and yes, they’re adorable). But why fight it? Go puddle stomping together! Get muddy, get crazy and have a blast in the dirt. Then towel off and curl up on the couch together. There’s really nothing better. (via @bonjourbrie)


6. Tailgate Together: Take your dog along to the next big game. Pick up some dog gear from your favorite team and bring your pal to the BBQ. You’ll love the company, and they’ll love the chance to eat a dropped sausage or two.

7. Indoor Dog Treat Hide + Seek: Here’s a good one for a chilly day. While your dog is out of the house, hide tasty treats in every nook and cranny. When she gets back… unleash the hound! She’ll have a blast sniffing out the treats, and the stimulation (mental and physical) will likely result in a nap.


8. Play in the Leaves: Follow your dog’s lead on this one: You’re never too old to jump in the leaves. So go ahead: Frolic!

How will you and your dog be spending time together this fall? Let us know in the comments below!