During the winter months, it’s harder to bundle up and make a fort outdoors, but if you’re looking for ways to snuggle up, just make a cozy fort right in the middle of your living room! Whether you’re a kid at heart, have kids or just do a lot of babysitting, there are so many ways to get creative with your fortress. No matter if your fort style is a teepee, avant-garde or traditional cardboard box cutout, we have it covered! What are you waiting for? Scroll on and get inspired.


1. Elegant BOHO Teepee: This one is for you adults who miss the days of popping up a random tent inside your room on a snowy winter day. Luckily, your taste has improved with age, and you now know that glamping is here to stay! Glamp away with cozy down feather throws and shiny pillow accents. (via Kara’s Party)


2. DIY Disney Camper: Ever want to be the queen of your own palace? With the right tools, tape and imagination, this is a possibility. Kids will go insane for an Aladdin-inspired palace fort, constructed from tape and cardboard. Pick your own color combinations for a vibrant Arabian Nights castle. (via Brit +Co)


3. DIY Love Den: With Valentine’s Day rounding the corner, creating a cozy date night setting in your living room sounds like a lovely concept. All you really need are a few plush pillows, a velvety soft blanket and endless Champagne to toast the night away. Bonus: You don’t have to tip the waiter. (via Design Sponge)


4. DIY A-Frame Tent: When it comes to fort making, sometimes less is more. Creating a simple A-frame tent and then adorning the outside with whatever makes you and/or your kids smile will set your fort apart from all the others. (via Ana White)


5. Ultimate Pillow Fort: Creating the ultimate pillow fort takes years of experience, as well as a good arsenal of pillows. Gather all your comfy belongings together to create one cozy situation. After your home inside your home has been made, pop some popcorn and enjoy your new digs! (via Mom.Me)


6. Nursery Teepee: Adding an unexpected addition such as a miniature teepee to a nursery is not only a design *DO,* but it also gives your little one something to grow into. We love the minimalistic look of a modern black and white teepee with a fun rug and cute pillow for your curious new baby. (via Style Me Pretty)

7. Skyscraper Tent: Usually, forts and tents are ground level. But who wouldn’t want to play lookout with a tent that takes to the sky or, in this case, ceiling? Aside from the pretty heights, sleeping in this high-rise tent lets you snooze closer to the stars.

8. Hoop Tent: You can easily DIY this hula hoop tent situation in any room. Attach the top of the hoop to your ceiling and allow the tent’s sides to cascade around you while you camp indoors.

9. Blanket Fort: This idea is a dreamy one if you have little ones. Simply gather their favorite blankies and pillows and, with the help of some fishing line, string them into a tent-like shape. Be ready for many nights of lantern-lit storybook time inside the tent’s walls.

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