Ever get that rush from frugality, where you have to get something because it’s free? Perusing that little section on Craigslist seems silly, but you find great items — or at least items showing lots of potential, right? Seems that way, until you get home and realize that your home decor is not reflected perfectly in an orange velour ottoman with stains.

Thanks to a few wonderful bloggers who took on the beautification of less-than-perfect hand-me-down furniture, you can take those thrifty finds and make them worthy to hang with the rest of your home. So yes, you can keep shopping around in the free section on Craigslist. Just look at these DIYs for some great do-over inspiration!

1. A Beauty of a Bar Cart: What started as an AV-department-lookin’ cart became every Gatsby-level party host’s must-have accessory — the bar cart. With some gold spray paint and a bit of marble contact paper, this office accessory got a Cinderella style upgrade! Trust us: This pick will bring luxe to any house party. (via Brit + Co)

2. Vinyl Chair Makeover: Take on vinyl chairs (a Craigslist staple) and give them a new look with a lightweight fabric and paint! The personalization options with this DIY are truly endless. Think of all the fabric and paint color combos you could do! Taking a seat has never been so stylish. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Double Duty Dresser: With some washers, picture frame moldings and a pretty shade of coral, Kari Anne of Thistlewood Farms put this dresser to work by making it a multi-functional bookshelf/dresser hybrid. With such lovely details, we can see this moving beyond your bedroom and becoming a fun piece for any space in your place. (via Thistlewood Farms)

4. An Epic Enclosure: Ah, aqua! This hutch takes the brightness of this room to new heights, and with some sandpaper and paint (and trash-to-treasure hunting), you can get the look at home! A simple color update brings this dining room staple new life and transforms the entire room. (via I Heart Organizing)

5. Bar Stools Do the Dip: Use our tutorial on a few mismatched barstools or a set that’s worse for wear and brighten them up. With the basic dip, striping or ombre, you can cheer up your seating with some spray paint and painter’s tape. (via Brit + Co)

6. Cabinet to Shelving Unit: It’s hard to believe that this cute little storage unit was once a damaged cabinet with only one working drawer. And yet, here it is! With new hardware and a little love, this cabinet became as good as new. The customization potential for this piece is endless, and your friends will be impressed when they see the before and after shots. (via Poppytalk)

7. Peekaboo Paint Job for a Rolltop Desk: In need of new office furnishings? Take a page out of the Thinking Closet’s blog book and vamp up a rolltop desk! Don’t be fooled by its ordinary look. With bright colors peeking out of the nooks and crannies of this baby, you’ll want to look for a pen in every drawer possible. (via Thinking Closet)

8. Old Door to Beverage Bar: This beverage bar would look great in a kitchen or living room. With an old door, some shelves and spindles, you can create this rustic and adorable bar station. Depending on the door you find, this could take on a totally different look! (via Finding Home)

9. Dress up a Dresser With a Mathematical Makeover: Looking to modernize a mid-century dresser? Follow the lead here, and add some color in a chic geometric pattern for a unique piece. (via The Weathered Door)

10. A Workbench That Works It: Every maker needs a work station, right? With this creative conversion, this workbench becomes a must have for any avid DIYer. Make it work with your medium of choice — fabric boxes for the inner seamstress or small bead boxes for the budding jeweler. (via Fynes Designs)

11. Ikat Cane Chair: This kind of seating might look familiar — it’s an antique home staple. But with Ikat reupholstering, this totally becomes the snazzy new seat your living room needs. What are you waiting for? Go get a cane chair and some fabric and hop to it! (via The Weathered Door)

12. Brilliantly Blue Nightstands: Such a dazzling shade of blue! If you come across a pair of nightstands in your search for DIY worthy furniture, consider this makeover. Think of how fab this would look in a mostly white room. (via The Weathered Door)

13. A Whimsical Dresser That Works: What does new hardware, bright paint and a free dresser get you? Could it be the herringbone statement piece your bedroom is seriously lacking? A stylish pattern and sunny hue will make putting laundry away almost enjoyable. (via A Little Glass Box)

14. Rocking Chair Re-Do: Need to brighten up a reading nook or your front porch? This rocking chair’s vibrant aqua shade was inspired by the 2010 Pantone Color of the Year. Use this year’s #1 hue, Radiant Orchid, and you can revive your own classic piece! With a modern fabric and an of-the-moment color, it’s not too tough to make a rocker truly rock. (via Happy Serendipity)

So go ahead, get on Craigslist and check out the curb alerts! Let us know if you’ve done any of these makeovers (or others we should Pin) in the comments!