It seems like every trip we take, there’s something we forget to pack. Usually it’s important too. Like our fave (and unhealthy) skinny jeans or that one top we get endless compliments on. Now that packing fail doesn’t have to turn into a vacation-long mistake, thanks to Gap and Virgin Hotels, who will deliver outfits right to your hotel room. Well, if you’re visiting Chicago at least.

gap virgin hotels

Gap and Virgin Hotels recently announced a travel-saving partnership for guests staying at the new Virgin Hotels Chicago. If you realize something is missing once you get to your room and start unpacking that suitcase for your stay (you do that, right?) you can easily order up a replacement so you don’t have to be without that essential piece during your trip. Simply order your fave Gap styles online and within three hours a different type of room service will come knocking: Gap attire. And just like that, visiting The Bean won’t have any bad memories attached to it.

Since there’s currently only one Virgin Hotels location in the US (a Nashville spot opens next summer, with NYC, Dallas and New Orleans in development) this conveniently creative service is solely available in Chicago. Not that we’re keeping score or anything, but Chicagois making a pretty strong case for itself for a visit fairly soon ;)

Would you use the Gap x Virgin Hotels delivery service when traveling? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via @gap)