For the fashion-forward Gemini whose outfit is always on point, there’s no better way to show off their personal brand of style than with some pretty ink. If you’re one of these lucky birthday babes and looking to get a tattoo, check out these stunning Insta-worthy tattoos inspired by your zodiac. Whether you choose an elaborate sleeve tattoo or a dainty finger design, one thing is for sure about Gemini tattoos: They’re far from boring. Here are 12 stylish tattoos to inspire your next Gemini ink.

1. Gemini Sisters: The word gemini is Latin for “twins” and is associated with the twin brothers Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. Instead of sticking by the book, put your own personal flair to the zodiac by turning them into gorgeous babes.

2. Constellation With Full Moon: For a tattoo design that’s out of this world (pun intended), consider pairing your astrological sign with a full moon. Maybe for additional pizzazz, scatter a few stars here and there.

3. Finger Tattoo: If you’re worried about HR, consider this less conspicuous tattoo placement. It can easily be covered with a statement ring which a Gemini like you would totally rock.

4. Dots and Lines: Telling of Gemini’s modern style, this minimalist design is equal parts delicate and striking. To get the look, pair dot work with line work for a truly unique masterpiece.

5. Gemini Symbol: There’s no going wrong with the classic zodiac symbol. Keep it elegant and understated with black ink or add a pop of color for an eye-catching mark.

6. Gemini Symbol With Design: This rendition of the Gemini symbol pairs an abstract red design with the classic figure. The result is an attention-grabbing emblem you’ll love showing off.

7. Gemini in the Sky: Capture the mystical beauty of spotting your star sign in the sky with a detailed tattoo. If you’re digging the dot work, consider working with an artist who specializes in the technique for the best results.

8. Scattered Stars: This creative spin on the Gemini constellation is right up the imaginative zodiac’s alley. Sprinkle on those stars for a whimsical take on the star sign.

9. Feminine Touch: Soft flourishes like this delicate pair of branches that frame the zodiac symbol add femininity to your Gemini tattoo. You can achieve a similar look with very fine lines.

10. Gemini Twins: Inspired by famous Russian photographer Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev’s work, this tattoo depiction is an ideal pick for the Gemini drawn to a more cultured and elegant aesthetic. Take on this artistic rendering or consider other iconic “twins” to symbolize your zodiac.

11. Geometric: Although hard to tell at first glance, this geometric paradigm puts a distinctive twist on the Gemini symbol. You’ll love how many conversations it will spark.

12. Gemini and Libra: This man’s tattoo blends two zodiac signs together as a symbol of his two sons. If another zodiac sign speaks to you, combine it with the twins to create a truly impressive image.

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