Although it’s been over six months since Netflix released the runaway hit show Making a Murderer, we still can’t get enough. The story of Steven Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, had all of us glued to our TVs and computers this past winter (even Kim Kardashian was as obsessed as we were!), and the show def left us in a state of shock for the futures of the convicted criminals. Did they, or didn’t they? What was up with all that terrible policing? Well, according to one single tweet, we may get more answers sooner than later.

While this tweet doesn’t give us any info other than the glaringly obvious, it does leave us with lots of questions. What will this season’s focus be? Have the directors uncovered new information on the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s department? What’s going on with Steven and Brendan? At the end of the last season, it seemed almost hopeless that anything positive was going to happen with this case, but maybe the new season will shed some new light on everything. While we can’t actually speculate, what we can do is wait excitedly for the next season and hope that we actually get some decent answers this time (although it’s probably more likely that we’ll have a million more questions).


One thing’s for sure, we’re definitely ready to find out what’s been going on with Steven’s case since we finished season one, and we’ll be waiting patiently for Netflix to announce when we can get our Making A Murderer fix next.

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