Is that Barbie in the flesh? Supermodel Gigi Hadid just stepped out bearing a striking resemblance to a familiar Mattel face from our childhood, particularly when paired with that uber-blonde new 鈥榙o. Giving her sartorial stamp of approval to millennial pink, the 22-year-old rocked the color from head-to-toe, donning a metallic pink pantsuit to celebrate her new collaboration with Vogue Eyewear that made her look just like a living doll.

It would certainly be a fitting comparison, considering that the Tommy Hilfiger designer does have a Barbie doll in her likeness (albeit a far more casual one).

The Maybelline ambassador鈥檚 stylist calls her real-life, more glammed-up look, 鈥淩ock-and-Roll Barbie.鈥 鈥淪he wanted something really special for the event, and I was doing research online and came across this amazing [Kreist Fall 2017] suit鈥 who else but Gigi to wear this outfit and to rock it?鈥 Mimi Cuttrell told PeopleStyle.

If it seems like her jacket had *just* the right amount of fringe on it, that was intentional. 鈥淣ormally we鈥檙e not the biggest fans of fringe, Gigi and I, but this time it was so simple and delicate and really thin pieces of fringe so we were okay with it on the front of jacket,鈥 Cuttrell explained.

As for the shoes, 鈥淲e teamed it with Aquazzura shoes because it just needed an amazing platform and somehow the shoe was the exact same color as the suit with the pearls and I thought it just added to the girly-ness of the overall look.鈥

Girly, indeed! While the overall effect had most conjuring up images of our favorite plastic icon, Hadid reminded her little sis Bella of yet another famous blonde face. As you鈥檒l recall, Hilary Duff actually wore a similar style (only blue) in The Lizzie McGuire Movie to make herdebut as an Italian pop star.

Bella commented on Gigi鈥檚 Instagram to point out the similarities, writing, 鈥淕IGI YOU ARE LIZZIE MCGUIRE FINALLY WE DREAMT OF THIS MOMENT (or maybe only I did) HOLT [sic] SH*T YESSSSS @GIGIHADID U R LIFEEEEE.鈥

Whether it鈥檚 Barbie or McGuire you see, one thing鈥檚 for sure: This look is FIERCE.

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(h/t Vogue; photo via Dimitrios Kambouris, Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)