Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s just about time to put the finishing touches on your creative costume… or if you’ve been crazy busy, finally start thinking about it. In between scouring Pinterest and Party City for ideas, we’re bringing you some serious Halloween inspiration from our newest source of smiles and awwws: Meet Willow, who pretty much wins at every costume she wears.

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Willow’s Mom, Gina Lee, is a well-known SoCal family and child photographer, and we’re super impressed with her work. Gina been featured everywhere from People to ParentsMagazine. But her best model has to be her beautiful toddler, Willow, who happily dons creative costumes on Gina’s Instagram account, with ‘fits ranging from a Cracker Jack kid to a lion tamer.

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Seriously, who wouldn’t want to pinch those little cheeks? The mother-daughter duo even did a series of Netflix characters on three-year old Willow, with iconic characters such as Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus and Inspector Gadget (you’ll die over the rubber glove fedora). Other costume choices range from the hilarious yet sort of obscure “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” to an unbelievably adorable retro Mickey Mouse Club, also starring Willow’s brother, Cooper.

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What a cutie, and the best part is that she looks like she’s having a ton of fun herself. That’s always a good sign the costume is a winner!

Tell us in the comments about your most creative kids’ costumes!

(Photos via @ginalee)