Did you guys unwrap anything Harry Potter-themed over the holidays? (Besides the #PottermoreChristmas mini-stories, we mean.) If you were lucky enough to receive the latest release featuring incredible illustrations of the creatures of Harry Potter or finally own the complete collector’s box set of books, here’s a set that you might want to add to next year’s list. We love new interpretations of movie posters, but we’re currently swooning over the redesign on these laser-cut book jackets, each featuring an iconic insignia that represents the book.

Oh, we forgot to mention that they also GLOW IN THE DARK. Kincső Nagy designed these mesmerizing covers for her bachelor’s degree project and achieves the affect by using special white spray paint containing phosphorescent grains that activate when the lights go out.

But her work didn’t stop there. She also crafted pop-up illustrations for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. On her website, Nagy states, “My goal was to redesign them with illustrations that reflect this extraordinary atmosphere. I was experimenting with interactive illustrations that do not distract the reader from the plot, but add some meaning to the story.”

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(h/t A Plus)