Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the places to go when you want to see and back exciting new innovations — and we have to say, some of the coolest new inventions are born from those sites, like the go-anywhere bra you’ve been dreaming about or these headphones that hide inside a super on-trend statement necklace. The Glowforge 3D Printer raised $27,907,995 in just 30 days — shattering all records — and is now well on its way to production. The printer connects via Wi-Fi to your computer, can read and print a variety of file types from JPGs to PDFs and the best part is that you can design using software you’ve already got, like Photoshop.


What sets the Glowforge printer apart from the rest of the 3D printers is actually the fact that it’s a 3D LASER printer. Yes, laser like pew pew pew. What that means is that rather than using “additive manufacturing,” which is building the product layer by layer, it uses “subtractive manufacturing” instead. What that means is you put a whole piece of acrylic, wood or leather, hit print on your design and a laser light will carve out the object you want printed. In case you’re wondering exactly where you’re expected to score a sheet of acrylic, you can check out Inventables and other online shops for your materials.


It also does engraving. The possibilities are endless, but imagine if you could CUSTOM ENGRAVE your spice bottles. Pretty incredible stuff. Don’t worry, even if you missed out on the Kickstarter which ended just five days ago (many of us did), you can still pre-order the at-home 3D printer at a special pre-order rate, which starts at $2395, which is a steal compared to its $3995 regular price.

If you create anything awesome with this, we want to see pics!

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