Oops? UK DJ and actor Goldie gained his fame in the mid-鈥90s in the London-based hip hop scene. In recent years, he鈥檚 become a bit of an elder statesman when it comes to art, music, and London鈥檚 underground culture, which is why he was recently interviewed for a podcast about the 鈥commodification of graffiti.鈥 During the interview, the host brought up legendary graffiti artist聽Banksy, and Goldie said something that many people took as a hint to the true identity of the iconic artist.

When the conversation turned to how some graffiti artists make money, Goldie opened up to the show鈥檚 host, Scroobius Pip, and said, 鈥淕ive me a bubble letter and put it on a T-shirt and write 鈥淏anksy鈥 on it and we鈥檙e sorted鈥 We can sell it now.鈥 He added, 鈥淣o disrespect to Rob, I think he is a brilliant artist. I think he has flipped the world of art over.鈥

The 鈥Rob鈥 that many think Goldie was referring to is Massive Attack DJ and graffiti artist Robert Del Naja 鈥 an artist that Banksy has claimed 鈥渋nfluenced him.鈥 In the Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop, the filmmakers investigate both Del Naja and someone called 鈥淩obin Banks,鈥 a name that some say is the former street name of Del Naja (though others believe it is the street name of artist Robin Gunningham).

Before founding Massive Attack, Del Naja was a street artist who is credited with bringing graffiti and hip hop culture to the UK through his home of Bristol. Whether 鈥淩ob鈥 is Del Naja or Goldie is simply adding fuel to the 20-year mystery, Banksy is still creating art in secret and recently completed a massive聽Brexit mural near the port of Dover.

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(h/t CNN.com; photos via Carl Court + Joe Maher/Getty)