This week’s must-download apps are brought to you by the letter H — they’ll make you happier, healthier and even give you hacker-level powers when it comes to accessing your own personal info. From an app that lets you find your om away from home to one that will give your summer love something to remember you by, check out a few of our fave new downloads.

1. Google Remote Desktop: Android users will be able to access their home computers from anywhere thanks to this app that brings your desktop to your phone. It may look and feel like you’re in a spy movie, but, no, it’s real life. (Photo: Mashable)

Cost: Free for Android

2. Vintape: Do you remember? Do you remember? When we met — that summer? Make sure they never forget with an app that takes you back to the age of analog and lets you turn the playlists on your smartphone into mixtapes. Pretty fly for an iPhone.

Cost: $0.99 for iOS

3. Hello Doctor: This app might be a very literal lifesaver. It digitizes and manages your health records to give you real-time 24/7 access to them. Now you can reference them whenever you want, easily share them with a new doctor and add new docs just by taking a picture. Believe it or not, your medical records should actually not be a mystery to you and thanks to this app, they’ll be as accessible as Instagram.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

4. Dropin: All work and no play makes your phone extremely dull so give the productivity apps a rest for a sec and download a little fun. Drag, roll or flick little balls around bumpers to drop in a hole and watch this game quickly rack up the points to become your favorite way to pass time on your commute. If you’re like us, you’ll give Dropin bonus points for its pretty, simple design and a color palette that’s downright wearable.

Cost: Free for iOS

5. YogaTrail: Feeling like you need to get your chakras aligned asap? Namaste might be closer than you think thanks to YogaTrail, a Yelp-like app that helps you find yoga near you — whether in your neighborhood or while you’re on the road. Look up studios, training programs, retreats and events, then read reviews on teachers and classes written up by your fellow downward dawgs.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

What apps did YOU download this week?! Share below + let us know if you downloaded any of our recent favorites :)