Back in May, Google noticed a problem with emoji. The only options for women were princess, dancer, mother or bride. So, the tech giant decided to take matters into their own hands. Google approached the Unicode Consortium (rulers of all things emoji) with a proposal for 13 new BAMF professional ladies to be added to the emoji keyboard. That dream is about to become a reality. Yesterday, Google made it official, and announced that the Unicode had approved 11 of the new professional ladies.


Now, you’ll be able to send emoji of female farmers, welders, mechanics, health workers, scientists, businesswomen, chefs, students and more. But on top of the all-new ladies, Unicode is adding the opposite gender equivalent to 33 existing emoji. There will be male dancers and female police officers. Champagne bottle! Check mark!

While we celebrate any progress for gender inclusion, nobody seems to know when exactly we can expect this new emoji — just some time soon. But we’re starting to prepare ourselves now, because soon our texts are going to be littered with the lady weight lifter. And the lady surfer. And maybe even a badass rock star.

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(h/t Mashable; photos via Unicode)