Swapping out chemical-filled products and opting for all-natural ones has become quite the trend in the makeup world. And we definitely aren’t complaining about all the different kinds of organic products hitting the shelves. While there are some of us who only use chemical-free products here and there (#guilty), there are some peeps out there that have made the complete lifestyle change. Check out these nine vloggers who share tips, tricks and their fave organic beauty products on YouTube.

1. Valerie Lee: Valerie has a passion for natural, organic beauty products, and she shares her thoughts about all of it on YouTube. Check out this vid where she shows us her recent natural and organic skincare purchases.

2. TheBeautyPlan: On the hunt for a fun DIY? Check out TheBeautyPlan for a DIY beet lip and cheek stain. And, you guessed it — it’s totally organic.

3. Life as Diana: If you’re just starting to make the switch to organic beauty products, check out this review by Life as Diana. She’ll give you the lowdown on what’s great and what’s not so good.

4. Healthy Grocery Girl: While Healthy Grocery Girl focuses mainly on food, she dabbles in the beauty side of vlogging from time to time. Check out this natural and organic makeup haul to see her most recent finds.

5. Ecoholic Beauty: Everyone loves a good monthly faves video, so why not watch one that’s all about natural beauty products? Thanks, Ecoholic Beauty!

6. PolitelyPure: PolitelyPure shows us just what you would think: pure makeup and skincare and beauty products that we don’t have to feel bad about using. *subscribes instantly*

7. SunKissAlba: Not only are we totally obsessed with Alba’s curly locks, but we’re also loving her vids about organic products. Check out this video for a makeup routine that’s totally natural.

8. HolisticHabits: Organic beauty isn’t just about makeup. HolisticHabits covers a wide array of topics, from skincare to food to haircare, and we love it all.

9. FullyRawKristina: Bonus! Kristina from FullyRawKristina may not be a beauty vlogger, but she sure knows how to live a natural, organic life. Check out her channel for vids on delicious food and so much more.

Who are your favorite all-natural beauty vloggers and bloggers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.