We know it was a tough week for your social media clout, having lost all those faux followers — but just think. At least you didn’t lose, like, *one million* followers cough cough Rihanna and Selena cough cough. We have some new apps that will take away the pain, allow you to take pictures that go way beyond that little square anywho and are almost as good as a 13th episode of Serial. JK NOTHING COULD EVER BE THAT GOOD :’(


1. Group Text+: What once was an option is now a mandatory form of communication between friends, families and coworkers. Obviously, I’m talking about The Group Text, peeps, and this app lives up to the plus sign in its name by elevating your average party starter. There are options to send pre-determined pools messages that you can deploy from Safari and other areas of your phone outside of iMessage. And don’t even get us started about the Giphy shortcuts.

Cost: $1.99 on iOS


2. DeviantArt: Culture was the word of the year and all and now you can have the world’s largest art gallery on your phone to swipe through whenever you’re feeling full of it. Use the app to submit your own masterpieces, follow your favorite artists and skim through the creative space in a whole new (now mobile!) way.

Cost: Free on Android and iOS

3. Fyuse: Forget those five new filters (and those lost Insta followers, #gulp) this app uses spatial photography to let you take pictures that are way more than meet the eye. They move when you swipe or tilt your phone and can be tagged up for an interactive #ootd that’s bound to bring the likes back to the yard.

Cost: Free on iOS, beta on Android

4. Stayful: Like the chic version of your everyday Expedia, this app helps you find deals on boutique hotels that are as hip as you are. Type in your travel plans, pricing and important details like how cool you need your temporary pad to be and you’re steps closer to the vacation of your hipster daydreams. You can even settle the bill with crazy easy Apple Pay. Can you dib a cot for us to crash too, please?

Cost: Free on iOS

5. Duet: Yay for the holidays but boo to having to cram in all of your work hunched over your eight-year-old MacBook. This app (created by ex-Apple engineers) turns your iPhone or iPad into a dual screen for your laptop or computer, something that might come in handy while you’re WFH these next couple weeks. A review complains of lag time even though the developers promise zero and this is a little pricy, but we’re intrigued by the idea.

Cost: $9.99 on iOS

What was your favorite new app of the year? Share below because we’ll be featuring our roundup of the best apps of the year next Saturday!