What’s even cuter than a furry-faced little critter? A furry-faced little critter wearing an adorable Halloween costume. You’ve already seen our favorite outfits for dogs and horses, so now it’s time to let felines in on the fun. Because if there’s one animal that appreciates a good costume, it’s a cat. Here are a dozen costumes that are the cat’s meow.

1. Bat-Cat: To the bat cat cave! (via BuzzFeed)

2. Fruit Basket Hat ($30): When you put a bowl of glittery fruit on your cat’s head, she’ll be just as happy and enthusiastic as the original Miss Chiquita.

3. Bumble Bee: Well, if that isn’t freaking adorable, we don’t know what is. (via Parade)

4. Masquerade Disguise: Put a glittery mask on it and call it a day. (via Marie Claire Maison)

5. Teddy Bear: Cats just luuuurve being dressed up. (via Abduzeedo)

6. Little Red Riding Hood: Something tells us the Big Bad Wolf wouldn’t mess with this catty little Red Riding Hood. (via BuzzFeed)

7. Pirate: On Halloween, cats are magically okay with water… right? (via BuzzFeed)

8. Kanye Cat ($20): Kanye West’s got nothin’ on him.

9. Nick Fury: Whether he’s keeping the Avengers in line or chasing after a laser dot, this no-nonsense cat’s got everything under control. (via The Mary Sue)

10. Cowboy’s Horse: Roaming the range (or at least the living room) just got a lot more thrilling. (via Cutest Cat Pics)

11. Regal Regalia: For the cat who truly acts like royalty, it’s payback time. (via BuzzFeed)

12. Takeout-Carton Helmet: Alien invader… Space cadet… We’re not exactly sure what this cat’s supposed to be, but we do know we’ve never seen a Chinese food carton look quite this awesome before. (via BuzzFeed)

Will you be dressing up your kitty this Halloween? Share your favorite costume ideas with us below!