When it comes to Halloween, we’re all about keeping things creative, colorful and, most importantly, quick! Most of us don’t have time to spend hours upon hours on Halloween costumes, so we’ve got a whole bunch of Halloween hair hacks in our costume tool belt. Searching for the perfect costume that will let you channel your boho-chic tendencies? Embrace your inner hippie with our quick Halloween Hippie Costume.



More waves? Yes, please. This time, Anj is channeling her inner flower child.


Start by using a curling iron to create waves throughout your hair. These don’t need to be too consistent because you want a more tousled style. Keep hair parted in the center and create two small braids and pull them back. Top the look off with a daisy on your hair and you’re good.

Hippie Nails

Hippie Nail Art: Get a little playful with your nails using tribal- and fringe-printed nail wraps. Single out a bold nail for a healthy dose of contrast, or keep the designs uniform for a subtle effect.

Easy enough, right?!

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