Whether it’s festival season or the changing weather that spurred it on, boho chic is all the rage, and it’s not hard to see why. From a grapefruit-inspired brunch to tasteful work accessories and festival-ready style, boho works for almost any occasion. Scroll on for 10 essentials to bring boho glory to your wardrobe.

woven cuff

1. Brit + Co Woven Cuff Bracelet Kit ($19): Not only is this beauty of a bracelet one of the most on-point boho pieces there is, it’s also DIY, so whenever you get a compliment, you get to say, “Thanks! I made it myself!”

Leather Clutch

2. Rebecca Minkoff DIY Fringe Clutch Kit ($79): Take buying a Rebecca Minkoff bag to the next level by making one with your very own hands under the direct tutelage of the queen herself.

woven necklace

3. Brit + Co Wrapped Necklace Kit ($29): These stacked and wrapped necklaces are just what you need to hit the festival circuit in style. And since you’ll have made them yourself, you won’t have to worry about anyone sporting the same accessories as you.

tassel necklace

4. Padgett Hoke Druzy Drop Tassle Gold Necklace ($44): A little bit of gem, a little bit of drop and a little bit of gold: These three stylish staples come together to make every boho lover’s style dreams come true.

tassel necklace

5. Polyvore Tassel Necklace Kit ($25): If the whole wrapped approach is a bit much for you, but you still love the look of tassels, this mostly gold but still totally fringe-filled neck bling is just what you need.

bracelets wrapped

6. Brit + Co Color Wrapped Bracelets Kit ($24): To get the wrapped and stacked look on your wrist, grab this bracelets kit. You’ll get all the beauty of the boho look and all the satisfaction of a DIY project.

Emrboidery pouch

7. Brit + Co Embroidered Pouch Kit ($22): If you wanna take boho style all the way down to your makeup holder or pen pouch, this DIY embroidery kit is the yellow brick road to custom-designed and boho chic in one.

sewing class

8. Roxy Taghavian’s Sewing Online Class ($19): When you can’t find what you want in stores, make it yourself! Whether you have something specific in mind or have simply always wanted to learn to sew, this online class will teach you all the basics you need to know.


9. Zerouv Horn Rimmed Sunglasses ($10): The best part about these is that they’re totally economical, so if you lose ’em at Coachella, it won’t be the end of the world (or your bank account).

earring jackets

10. Foxy Originals Victoria Earring Jackets ($24): Here’s a little boho bling for your ears! These wonderfully golden earrings are going to become your new boho staple, we promise.

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